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   Chapter 8 Eight

The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times By butterfly_effect Characters: 5785

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Announcing to Father about breaking off the betrothal had to wait until Rachelle showed her worth in the temple, but I was still glad to break off any connection with the stupid Henri.

Now with our signed contract, Henri had to lay low when he was courting Rachelle. My happiness was built on him suffering as he watched Rachelle getting more and more suitors. He was the one who tricked me in my first life. Granted, I was stupid, but if he hadn't led me on, I wouldn't have fallen into that trap. Then I wouldn't have been burnt alive on a stake. Now it's just a little prank on him. If Henri was really Rachelle's true love, no matter how hard the process was, love would win, wouldn't it?

"Odette, I can't believe I get to study in the wind god's temple! It's one step closer to my dream of becoming a priestess! How long does it take for us to go there? Will Henri come along with us?" Rachelle said the last bit shyly.

"Around a day's journey on carriage, " I said as Sarah helped me get into the carriage. "As for Henri, from what I heard boys like to ride out there."

"Aww... I thought we're going with Henri, " Rachelle said dejectedly and then she clapped her hands excitededly. "So we're going to spend the whole day sitting in the carriage together! That's great! I have a lot to ask you!" Rachelle's eyes brightened.

My head ached at the thought of staying in an enclosed area with Rachelle. Others might not know, but I who once acted as her best friend knew better. Rachelle was really talkative. I made sure I didn't have to stay with Rachelle during the journey. Adding to the fact that this one day carriage journey was in fact a cornerstone of Rachelle's life.

Oh you might think it's the common, th

e. I did not remember him coming all the way down south at this time in my previous lives. But who knew, I didn't visit my mother's grave today in my previous four lives. Maybe he did come this far south and I did not know because I never ran into him.

Stay calm, you two don't know each other. He is just a priest from another temple. Greet him and then he will be gone. This might be the only time in this life you get the chance to see him, Odette. Find yourself lucky! I thought to myself.

I asked the guard to open the carriage door and I got out of my carriage. I placed my right hand over my heart, with my left hand I lifted my dress to curtsy. My head slightly bowed. The common greeting for priests.

When the carriage was getting closer and closer, I was suppressing my urge to look up and catch a glimpse of him through the window. That's when the carriage halted in front of me. Someone jumped down from the carriage and then my chin was tilted up.

I widened my eyes as I took in his familiar lazy grin and the mask covering half of his face.

"See who I found on the road, a perfect candidate for serving the god of darkness."

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