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   Chapter 380 Disagreement

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Alonso had good manners. He didn't get angry, nor did he even turn his face. "Miss Ling, take a look at where you are. I don't mind if you show your true feelings in front of so many people, but Mr. Ling may not think so."

Mr. Ling loved Lily very much, but at the same time, Lily was afraid of him.

Melissa had planned to let it go. 'She tried to find someone to rape me, and I ruined her reputation. Now we're even.'

Unexpectedly, Lily changed her hand again and slapped the other side of Alonso's face again. This time, the slap was so hard that Alonso's face was slapped to one side unexpectedly. "Don't try to use my father against me. You are just a servant. You don't deserve to say my father's name."

Melissa admitted that she was really blind a week ago. 'How could I think that the stinky woman in front of me is a lively, cheerful and righteous girl? Am I really not cut out for Saion Islands?'

With a sneer, Melissa deliberately said in a soft voice, "Well, Lily, Mr. Alonso is right. It's not a good idea to make it a big deal. It's not good for your reputation. Let's call it a day. Alas..."

Melissa sighed and pretended to endure the humiliation deliberately. After being slandered and betrayed by her friend, she still smiled and forgiven her friend. "No matter why you said that today and why you treated me like this, I won't hold you accountable for all this. I... Maybe you have your reasons. Let it go today, okay? I won't make a fuss about it anymore. I will forget everything, but... But we may not be friends anymore..."

Speaking of this, Melissa lowered her head and wiped the tears that did not exist at the corners of her eyes. "Sorry, I'm still being petty..."

She knew that her words would definitely irritate Lily.

Sure enough, the next second, Lily was so angry that she shouted at Melissa, "Bah! Melissa Ji, I underestimated you. I didn't expect you to be so despicable. You even colluded with this ruffian to set me up! It's my fault this time. I thought you were really stupid. But I didn't expect you to be such a bitch. You always pretend to be an innocent girl, but still live with a man all the time. You are no better than a whore. But do you know? You are just a mistress, a mistress who has been kept up. Liam has already been married. He has a wife! You shameless woman!"

'I know that Liam got married three years ago. I have already known it! And this crazy man couldn't even recognize what his wife looks like. He insists that I'm his wife. I'm innocent!'

Lily kept cursing Melissa with a series of filthy words. Melissa had never heard of such vulgar words in her life. Looking at the ferocious woman in front of her, who was spitting all over the place, Melissa sighed again at her previous intelligence. 'How could I

excited and crazy with determination.

"Liam, it's been three years. I've liked you for three years. I've been waiting for you. Why? Why can't you see me?"

As she talked, Lily slowly moved her body to the edge of the sofa with her hands on the ground. She stretched out her hands and grabbed the cold fingers of Liam's drooping right hand. This action made Liam frown. The darkness in his eyes was frightening. The light of the chandelier shone on his face and his eyelashes. There was a shadow around his eye sockets, which made him look even colder and more unapproachable.

However, Liam didn't shake off her hands. Instead, he continued to sit there. With a cold face, he looked down at Lily who had kept her posture very low.

This encouraged Lily a little bit. At least, Liam was still listening.

As the sound of the band in the garden downstairs was slowly heard through the window, the aria of Londonderry began to slowly flow out from the strings of the violin. At the same time, the band was playing the piano slowly, as if telling the past of lovers.

"Three years ago, I met you for the first time. I knew that you were married, so I hid my feelings. Later, when I heard that your wife left you, I got my hopes up again. I came to see you every year, and I followed you whatever you talked with my father. I wanted to be there for you. I wanted to tell you my feelings after you completely walked out of the shadow of your wife.

But why... Why did you bring this woman back?"

Mr. Ling was moved by her words. Normally, he should take his daughter away now for his sake, but her daughter was trying her best for her own happiness.

His good daughter was showing her true heart. She was so brave that he couldn't stop her.

Melissa was also moved by what Lily said. 'Lily was sincere. But she fell in love with the wrong man.'

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