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   Chapter 368 Travel Together

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Even the well-trained waitress got goose bumps under such gaze. The waitress quickly put the fruit ice cream tower on the table, "Mr. Liam said that he would come back to have dinner with Madam later. You can only eat a small part of the fruit ice cream tower, or you will have a stomachache."

'How does he know that I like fruit ice cream tower? And it's my favorite blueberry jam? Is it poisonous?'

But no matter what, Melissa still had a good time.

In the evening, when Liam came back, Melissa was still holding the half-empty crystal cup and preparing to eat the last bite.

Seeing that Liam came in, Melissa immediately pushed the crystal cup forward and put it back on the table with a guilty conscience.

Before Liam could say anything, Melissa said confidently, "I just ate a little. It melted by itself."

Liam already knew how much Melissa had eaten, but he also thought that Melissa had stayed here for a whole day, so he pretended not to see her. He sat on the sofa, lowered his head and pretended to sort out the documents.

Seeing this, Melissa immediately put the spoon back into the crystal cup.

"There's no need for a meeting tomorrow. I'll show you around. Don't you want to see the Anne Island?" If there was no one else in the room except her, and Liam was obviously not talking on the phone or on a video call with someone, Melissa would almost doubt that she had misheard.

'Take me out for a walk?

Is he out of his mind? Or is he more fearless? Isn't he afraid that I would call the police in the street or I would hold the thighs of other tourists and not let them go?'

Melissa was in a daze for a long time.

"Unwilling?" Turning his head to take a look at Melissa, Liam looked away and said indifferently, "Then forget it."

"No, no, no!" Melissa rushed over and put her arms around his neck from behind. "Yes, of course."

No matter what kind of idea Liam had, Melissa was willing to go out to meet other people and play in the Anne Island. It was like a paradise.

She was very happy, which made her eat more at dinner. She was not so resistant when Liam slept with her at night.

On the second morning, Melissa woke up before dawn.

She lay on the bed and whispered in Liam's ear, "Wake up, wake up, wake up..."

When Liam narrowed his eyes and looked at her, Melissa immediately closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Three times later, Liam realized that Melissa couldn't wait any longer.

So he had to get up in the early morning at six o'clock.

The two of them walked out of the villa. Melissa followed behind Liam and couldn't help but look up at the sky. It was as if she could touch the sky, and the wind blew up the leaves. It was just a bleak morning.

It was a rare opportunity for her to relax herself. Of course, she had to try her best to look around.

Melissa remembered that it was summer when she was kidnapped. 'It's autumn now. How time flies.'

The two o

difficult to climb, floating in the air.

The guide, who knew the town well, led the group of tourists. He announced loudly in English, "Twenty minutes later, we will leave Anne Island after breakfast and take our return plane to JB Island."

Without looking sideways, Liam walked on.

But Melissa's heart skipped a beat, and she slowed down unconsciously. 'If I asked for help from these tourists, then...'

As soon as this idea came up, it occupied the whole mind of Melissa at an unprecedented speed. She rubbed the ground with her feet nervously, turned her head to look at the surrounding tourists, and then looked at Liam who had gone a little far.

Melissa bit her lower lip and wondered if she should gamble. She knew it was risky. 'Although Liam could do anything, there're so many tourists here.

Is he really that powerful?

Courage and stupidity are often twin brothers, and it is hard to tell the difference.

What should I do? Should I take a bet?' Melissa knew that she had to make a decision as soon as possible.

She was lost in thought and didn't pay attention to the road. Suddenly, she staggered and fell forward with her left foot stepping on her right foot.

Seeing that her face was about to touch the ground, Melissa closed her eyes. But after waiting for a long time, she didn't feel the pain as she had imagined.

Instead, she was greeted by a strong embrace, which was very warm. She smelled cologne mixed with a faint fragrance of green grass, and saw a black shirt with a large area of wrinkles...

Melissa was stunned and raised her head slowly.

Therefore, a man with a bad temper appeared in her eyes. With a gloomy face, Liam bent over and half hugged her, looking down at her.

"You can't even walk well now, can you?" The look on Liam's face was cold and mean.

"I'm thinking about something." Melissa covered her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

As she spoke, an idea suddenly occupied her mind.

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