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   Chapter 364 I Lost My Memory

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"What?" Gina was stunned at first, and then she quickly reacted. She covered her mouth in surprise and shouted in disbelief, "Miss, you lost your memory? Why didn't Liam tell us? "

"I'm also wondering if I have lost my memory." Melissa felt a little uncomfortable and nodded. Gina was so strong that she didn't look like a person about sixty years old at all. The several screams of her made Melissa eardrum ache, "When I was injured, I often had some strange dreams, in which there were me and Liam, but I didn't remember anything about them at all. If what you said is true, if what you said is the past of me and Liam three years ago, I think I have forgotten something very important. Can you tell me more about what happened to Cherry? Maybe you can help me recall it. "

"Of course." Gina agreed gladly. 'That's great.' she thought. If Miss Cherry regained her memory, she would know how kind Mr. Liam was to her, so that she would cherish him.

"Miss, you came here three years ago..."

After Gina started, Melissa couldn't help interrupting her. "Wait a minute. You'd better use Cherry as your substitute. I don't think it's appropriate."

Gina frowned. She felt that Melissa didn't really recognize herself as Cherry. Although she was a little dissatisfied, she replaced it obediently. "Cherry came to the Saion Islands three years ago. She was washed ashore by the waves and saved by the gardener. After that, she stayed on the island to work."

It was the first time that Melissa heard about the origin of Cherry. She couldn't wait to ask, "Did she tell you what she did before?"

"You said you were an orphan. You were a waitress on the cruise ship before. Miss, I really don't understand why you lied like that. You are a rich lady. I don't understand why you treated Mr. Liam like that at that time. You were well-educated and you were not lack of money." Said Gina, frowning, Seeing that Melissa seemed to want to say something but stopped on a second thought, she patted her head and apologized, "Ah, I'm sorry. I forgot that it's Cherry."

Melissa sighed. Gina continued, "Cherry is very lively and cheerful. Everyone on the main island likes her very much. Miss, you are too depressed now." Gina commented.

'You are kidnapped by a madman on the engagement night for no reason. Everyone around you also says that it is your fault and the madman is very good to you. It is a manifestation of love for life that she doesn't jump into the sea to commit suicide.' However, she just thought it in her heart and didn't say anything to retort. No one was on her side here. She couldn't show any resistance.

As the saying goes, know yourself and your enemy. She should first find out where Cherry came from.

"I wasn't on the island for a while, and I got a serious problem with my feet because of the heavy wetness on the Saion Islands. Mr. Liam asked me to go to the inland to recuperate. When I came back, I heard that you, no, Cherry and Mr. Liam were in love. That was the happiest time I've seen M

to this possibility, she could do anything and endure humiliation and burden.

In order to speed up the process of Liam finding her, Melissa locked herself in the room for a whole day. Every time the maid who sent food to her or Gina came in, she pretended to be miserable and melancholy like a weak girl.

Of course, she was very painful, because she was really hungry, especially the delicious food was put in front of her, and she let it be sour, but could not touch it.

She didn't eat or drink. On the second day, as expected, Liam came to her room.

"Melissa! What tricks are you playing? "

When Liam came in, Melissa was curling up in a corner of the French window, with her arms around her knees and her whole face buried in her knees. Hearing the sound, she slowly raised her head, and her face was covered with tears.

"Melissa? Am I really Melissa? Then who is Cherry? I can't remember. " Tears welled up in Melissa's eyes again.

Liam felt his throat dry. It had been three years. His heart still ached when he saw her cry.

"You... What tricks are you playing? " Liam repeated the last sentence, but his words were soft and powerless.

"Liam..." Tears welled up in her eyes. Melissa raised her head and stared at him. Her eyes were clear, honest and pure. "Did we really get married three years ago? Are you really my husband? Did you love me at that time? I lied to you, didn't I? "

Liam's Adam's apple rolled up and down quickly, but he didn't say anything.

Melissa looked at his left chest and said, "The two shots must have hurt a lot."

Tears welled up in his eyes. It had been three years. The woman who had given him two shots was asking him if he was in pain.

Was he in a pain? He really didn't remember. At that time, his whole body was painful, but compared with the two shots in front of his chest, the more painful should be his heart. At that time, he really wanted to die immediately. When he begged her not to leave, but she gave him two shots without hesitation.

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