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   Chapter 362 Loss Of Personal Freedom

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'I don't know what Liam wants from me. I have been waiting here for three hours. Why? He's not my boss, nor my father. He's just an unreasonable nuisance. I don't have to be polite to him.'

So Melissa stood up and took a deep breath. She poked her head out of the door carefully. After hesitating for a while, she shouted, "Hello."

Liam turned around and frowned at her.

Melissa seized the chance, "What do you want from me, Liam? If it's not an emergency, I'll go out first. Come to me when you're not busy. " In fact, Melissa was still afraid of Liam.

Hearing that, Liam withdrew his gaze and slowly turned his head back. "Something urgent? I'm not in a hurry, but you can only stay in the room behind me in the daytime. Today, tomorrow, from now on, you can only stay in my sight for every day. You are not allowed to go anywhere. "

This time, Melissa was about to explode. She stormed out. Regardless of whether there was anyone else present, she pointed at Liam and questioned, "Why?"

As if he had heard a big joke, Liam put on a false smile and pulled the corner of his mouth. He crossed his ten fingers, put his elbows on the big wooden table, and put his two thumbs against his chin. Then he said lowly, "Why? Because I'm your husband. I can control everything. I'm the God of this island. Everything here should listen to me. "

"You, you, you... You are shameless, lewd, villainous and evil! "

Melissa was so angry that she spoke incoherently. She cursed him with all the words she could think of. She had never seen such a shameless person since she was a child.

A different expression flashed across Liam's calm face. He turned his head and gave Melissa a look.

"Yes, I am a devil. Three years ago, the spineless and grovelling Liam had been killed by your two shots. If you still want to live a life as a princess here, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. You are nothing but my slave. I can throw you away at any time like rubbish. If you understand, get back to your room now."

Tears streamed down Melissa's cheeks. She didn't need Liam to remind her how pathetic she was now before she realized that she was crying. It was ridiculous. She had been treated like that by Liam, but she still smiled at him and asked him to let her go out for a walk.

She was no longer the precious daughter of Ji family. She was no longer a princess.

Melissa couldn't bear the humiliation. Her whole body began to tremble. She clenched her fists and her joints turned white.

Liam and Melissa stared at each other and didn't say anything. The others in the room also held their breath and tried their best to lower their breaths. They were afraid of getting into trouble.

"Didn't you hear what I said? Get in! " Liam said again, his eyes deep and horrible.

At this time, Gina rushed in from outside. She held Melissa in her arms and persuaded Melissa in a scorching voice, "Miss, come in, Miss."

With the help of Gina, Melissa went back to the small room in the back. As soon as she ent

lly, really not Miss Cherry." 'What should I do to make him trust me?'

"Well, of course you are not Cherry. " Said Liam.

Before she was happy that Liam finally knew that she was not Cherry, Melissa heard Liam say coldly, "This is just a fake name you used to cover your tracks, but the name of Cherry is very suitable for you, isn't it? You're just a fickle lover."

"You!" Melissa was speechless. 'Is his head full of stones? No! His head is just like a stone, a stubborn stone!'

Melissa knew that she couldn't communicate with this barbarian at all. 'Liam only believes what he is willing to believe.

From the information leaked by Liam and Gina, it could be seen that three years ago, Cherry fell in love with Liam and then got married. Then Cherry suddenly left without saying goodbye, which made Liam depressed for a while.

Who on earth is Cherry? Why do Liam and Gina insist that I'm Cherry? I'm definitely not Cherry. First, I have never lost my memory or suffered from amnesia. I have a complete and flawless memory of 21 years of my life. It was three years ago when Cherry appeared in Liam's life, but three years ago I set out to study in France with Phillip, so I'm definitely not Cherry.

So, did Cherry impersonate me? Or did she give Liam some wrong information that made him mistakenly think that she was me? Or did Cherry look like me? Now that Cherry was nowhere to be found, and Liam mistook me for her. When he knew that I was going to get engaged, Liam came to find the wrong person?

So either way, at present, the most important thing for me is to find Cherry. As long as Cherry comes out, all the problems will be easily solved, and everything will be clear.'

"What? Do you have nothing to say? " Said Liam sarcastically.

"Whatever you say." Knowing that she couldn't communicate with him, Melissa closed her eyes and didn't explain any more. She just thought to herself, 'He is irritable. He is an idiot. He is irritable. He is an idiot. Don't argue with an idiot.'

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