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   Chapter 359 Scumbag

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He continued, "Just sleep with me."

"What?" For a moment, Melissa thought she had heard it wrong.

"I say, you, come to my room tonight, take off your clothes and climb into my bed willingly. Then, I can consider continuing to raise them, oh, and their family."

His voice was not loud, but the words were clear enough for everyone to hear.

He humiliated her again in front of everyone.

"If you really want to avenge me, why don't you kill the scumbag named Liam yourself?" Melissa lowered her head. Her eyes were a little hot, and her lowered hair on the forehead swept over the back of his hand, which was still on her neck.

What revenge? It's just the possessiveness of male animals. Such a beast's nature should be said righteously by him.

Melissa could only grit her teeth and speak out her powerless viciousness, "You are an incurable scumbag, do you know? "

"Hum, hum, hum..."

Hearing that, Liam shook his shoulders and burst into laughter. Then he gently stopped his fingers at the inferior artery of Melissa's ear.

"Yes, but... I'm a scumbag. You're not as good as me. "

His tone only made people feel cold all over. What was totally different from this kind of voice was that his fingertips were very warm.

But at this moment, she only thought whether he would be angry or not, and took out a knife from his hand and cut her neck.

No matter what this person did, he didn't need any reason. It was completely based on his mood.

"Well, it seems that the kind lady doesn't want to plead for you. So, you go. Get out of here."

As soon as he finished his words, more than twenty employees on the opposite side suddenly swarmed up and surrounded Melissa and Liam. They bent their knees and knelt down, kowtowed and cried for help. Their tone was as miserable as mourning.

But the bodyguards didn't stop them at all. They just stood aside with a long face.

He did it on purpose.

Melissa's eyes were filled with tears of grief and indignation. Why was there such a person in the world? This sense of helplessness almost drove her crazy. She wanted to scream, she wanted to shout, she wanted to...

He'd better kill her and let her die with this monster.

"Madam, what do you think? Have you made up your mind? "

Melissa didn't say anything. She nodded in agreement. The moment he got the answer, he let go of her.

Melissa slowly turned around and saw that Liam was leaning against the back of the stool and staring at her with his long and thin eyes.

"When you are ready tonight, you come to me."

Taking a deep breath, Melissa tried to keep calm and said in a neither humble nor pushy tone, "Okay."

At night, the moon was high in the sky. Melissa walked on the way to the bedroom. The wind was blowing, and along the way, the colorful glass window was shaking. The forest was whining, as if the dead people were talking in the darkness.

Melissa finally arrived at the door of Liam's bedroom.

She heard the chirping of insects in the grass outside the window, and the sound of runnin

Melissa took a deep breath, her lips trembling. She tried to open her eyes wide and looked up at Liam's handsome face. She didn't want him to notice the cowardice and fear in her eyes.

All of a sudden, there was a thunder outside the window. The lightning streaked through the sky and lit up the man's face.

His long and slanted eyes were as thin as knives, and his slightly narrowed ashen eyes were deep and mysterious.

"Liam..." Melissa had been afraid of thunder since she was a child, so she couldn't help screaming.

"I'm here. I'm always here. We'll be together forever." Said Liam firmly, lowering his eyes to look at Melissa.

Melissa opened her mouth slightly and blinked her long dark eyelashes.

A strong masculine breath swept in front of her nose, and he reached out his fiery tongue into her mouth deeply.

She took a deep breath in his breath and came back to her senses in an instant. Her hands on both sides tried to push away his thick chest reflexively.

But he only used a little strength and completely pulled her into his arms!

His lips and tongue were constantly provoking her, as if they were getting more and more passionate.

"Ouch!" Her protest was swallowed by him!

A gust of wind blew in through the gap of the window, and the curtain was blown up, obscuring the figure of the two people who were sticking together.

When Melissa woke up, the sun was shining brightly. The storm last night brought the good weather today.

There was only Melissa in the big room. She sighed and sat on the edge of the bed expressionlessly for nearly an hour with a thin velvet quilt in her arms. Then she slowly stood up.

It was almost noon and the floor was heated. Melissa walked to the mirror in the corner of the room with bare feet and stood in front of it.

The girl in the mirror had delicate facial features, a gentle and white face, and a little childish, but the expression in her eyes were dull under the thick curly eyelashes.

She was like a beautiful doll without soul.

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