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   Chapter 357 Meet An Old Friend Again

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She first greeted with Liam. When she saw Melissa standing behind him, she was surprised and happy. "Miss Ji? Miss Ji! It's so nice to see you again. "

Melissa was confused by her sudden enthusiasm. "What?"

"I'm Gina. Miss Ji, don't you remember me?" Gina suddenly took two steps forward and leaned over.

Frightened, Melissa stepped back subconsciously. "Do... Do I know you?"

"Humph!" With a snort, Liam glanced at Melissa coldly and then turned to speak to Gina, "Arrange a room for her."

After calming herself down, Gina nodded and said, "Yes, sir. Are you going to arrange the previous room for Miss Ji?"

Without looking back, Liam strode into the house and said, "No, give her a worker's room."

"…… Yes. " Gina answered in a low voice.

As soon as they entered the house, Melissa found that it was as big as a maze. It was full of endless corridors and turnings. The luxuriously decorated ceiling, floor, walls and pillars were made of marble, decorated with 24 K gold, step by step a vase, three steps an oil painting, five steps a sculpture, and the staircase in the middle is hanging from the top to the ground in a circle, like a delicate jacquard, each stair was carefully paved with expensive wood, and its surface was covered with a smooth oil film to protect the wood from damage.

It was not comfortable to step on such a staircase, just for the grand view in the distance.

Gina took Melissa to a room on the south of the third floor.

The room was said to be a worker's room, but it was very clean. The bed, wardrobe, dresser and bathroom were all available. From the window, one could see the endless forest and the river across it.

Melissa was a little surprised. She thought it would be the kind of bed with many people. What's worse, it might be the cellar, where the other girls were kidnapped back by Liam Ou.

She checked the room but didn't find the phone.

After a while, Gina came back with a clean bedding. Before she walked into the room, Melissa ran to her and asked eagerly, "Gina, do you have a phone? Can I make a phone call? Please. "

As Gina made the bed, she said, "Miss, there is an interference radio on the main island, and even a cell phone is useless. If you want to make a call, you can go to Mr. Liam's study, where there is a satellite phone."

Frustrated, Melissa lowered her hands and murmured, "He won't allow me to make a call. He's afraid that I'll call the police. He's a devil."

"Miss Ji, why do you say that?" Gina's kind face was unprecedentedly serious, and her words were cold. She was very angry, but she also tried to maintain her etiquette.

"Why is Mr. Liam a devil? Isn't the real devil someone else? Three years ago, you suddenly left. Mr. Liam was injured and recuperated for a long time. He was depressed for a long time and didn't eat anything. He was trapped in the room all day long. It took him a year to recover from such a

d she do... She...

After a long time, the sun was setting in the west and the noon sun was dazzling. Melissa suddenly sat up, and raised her left arm and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

She was so strong that it seemed as if she was going to break the skin and wipe away all the tears.

It was not the right time to admit defeat, Melissa thought viciously.

She had been lying on the bed and feeling sorry for herself. The devil, Liam, would not suddenly show mercy to her. She could only save herself, and she could only rely on herself.

The top priority now was to figure out who on earth Cherry was. Now it seemed that the key to all the problems was on her, and all the problems should be caused by Cherry, the legendary warrior who abandoned Liam three years ago.

Melissa stood up and casually changed into a dress sent by Gina yesterday. She wanted to stroll around the castle like house first and figure out the terrain. If she was lucky, she might be able to find the staff who had worked here three years ago. She wanted to ask them something about Cherry.

Melissa had a full plan in her mind. She walked out with confidence. Half an hour later, she was defeated at countless turnings of this huge house.

Who could tell her why every corridor here looked the same? There was a lounge in the end of the corridor, and there was a tearoom at the corner. Then what about the one behind? Did she walk here just now?

No, she turned left just now. Then...

When she was on the verge of breaking down, she finally saw a skirt at a corner in the distance.

Afraid that the person would leave, Melissa shouted in a hurry, "There, there, there is a man standing at the corner. Come over."

The hemline of the dress paused, and a girl who looked at most seventeen or eight years old walked out of the corner in horror.

She uneasily bowed to Melissa and asked in a low voice, "Mrs. Liam, what can I do for you?"


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