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   Chapter 356 Making My Eyes Sting

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A lunatic who talked to himself.

Melissa closed her eyes. One more look at him made her sick.

"Open your eyes and change your clothes. But if you want others to appreciate your naked body, I don't mind."

"What?" Melissa was shocked. She opened her eyes suddenly and saw the muscular body of Liam. Unfortunately, she was sitting, so according to the height, her face was facing his...

'It irritated my eyes!' she thought.

Melissa felt that she was going to be blind. She quickly turned her head and asked, "What the hell do you want to do?"

Liam put on his shirt leisurely. While he was buttoning up the buttons one by one, he looked down at Melissa and said, "You have five minutes. The cabin door will open in three minutes! Of course, if you want to show yourself in this way, you can do it as you like. The time begins. "

"You!" Melissa was pissed off, but when seeing that he was really starting countdown, she didn't care about anything else. She got up in a hurry and put on her clothes. When she put on her shoes, she stood on one foot and almost fell down.

However, Liam didn't mean to help or avoid her. He just stood leisurely with his arms crossed over his chest and counted the time to see her look.

Melissa only regretted that she didn't have a knife in her hand now. Otherwise, she would stab this annoying man to death.

"Thirteen, eight... Six... "

"Wait a minute..."

"Five, four, three..."

"Wait, really wait, please..." Melissa was so anxious that tears were about to come out. However, the white T-shirt seemed to be determined to oppose her. It was put on her head and couldn't be pulled down for a long time.

"One." Without any pause, he looked at Melissa's discomfiture, with a sense of pleasure after revenge in his eyes.

Ignoring Melissa's embarrassment and disheveled clothes, the cabin door opened and the jack ladder was slowly put down. Four to five well-dressed staff stood in two rows. They bowed respectfully and said in unison, "Sir."

Melissa was disheveled and her clothes were folded around her neck. Through the gap of the white T-shirt, she saw the expressions of the staff. They were cold and indifferent...

The wind blew in from the open cabin door. It was still summer in. Why did she feel so cold? Melissa tidied up her T-shirt mechanically...

Was the world crazy or was she crazy?

It was just a dream, wasn't it? Anyone could help her. Come and wake her up. It must be a nightmare, right!

With an indifferent look on his face, Liam nodded his head and impatiently took Melissa's hand to walk down the ladder and get on the convertible which had already been waiting for them.

After sitting in the car for a long time, Melissa finally came to her senses. She exerted force on her hand, and her nails sank into the palm of her hand until the skin was broken. The pain finally calmed her down. How normal could the person beside the madman be? Maybe she was not the first woman who was kidnapped by him, so the

d shameless, and she was really afraid that he would assault her again here.

Melissa pursed her lips and grabbed his arm tightly, with her nails digging into his flesh.

Finally, she raised her head and looked into his eyes. She showed her weakness helplessly. "Okay, okay, I surrender. I apologize. I apologize for what I just said. Mr. Liam, don't be angry."

Liam stood up straight and snorted, "Don't let me see that you are seducing another man again, or I won't let you go so easily next time."

This time, Melissa didn't dare to retort. She nodded obediently and said, "Okay."

The moment she lowered her eyes, a touch of humiliation flashed through her eyes.

Without saying anything more, Liam grabbed Melissa's arm rudely and continued to stride forward.

Melissa stumbled and followed him. The two of them passed through the woods and a big red house appeared in front of her.

Melissa had thought that she would see a horrifying ancient castle of Middle Ages, surrounded by brambles and ivy. The pale housekeeper wore a black suit and looked dignified, with a few bats floating up and down. There was a devil called Liam living in it.

But what she saw in front of her was far from what she had imagined. This purplish red building could be called warm and lovely. The bottom of the building was very wide, only three floors. The top was in an arched shape, and the wall was engraved with exquisite relief.

The whole mansion was incredibly large. Standing clumsily in the forest, it had a strange sense of peace and fantasy.

There was a huge spray pool in front of the house, and water spurted from bottom to top. The glittering and translucent water light was shining in the sunlight.

As soon as they arrived at the mansion, the heavy iron door opened.

"Sir." A woman came out respectfully.

She must be very old. Her white hair was tied into a tight bun with a jade hairpin on it. She wore a clean colored cheongsam, exuding a kind and amiable temperament.

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