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   Chapter 351 Teach Her A Lesson

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"You are just a whore! Damn! " After she was splashed all over by the dishes, Bethany began to scream. She only roared for two times and then began to point at Melissa and scold her. Bethany unleashed a torrent of abuse. She cursed Melissa's ancestors, and there were also some words about the reproductive system in her curse.

The elders at the table frowned at the sight of Bethany who was like a shrew. And the calmest one was Diana, who was sitting on the main seat.

There was still a smile on Diana's face. But she looked at her eldest daughter without indulgence. She held her grandson and granddaughter tightly and pointed at Bethany.

"Molly, Shane, don't be like her, okay?"

At the beginning, the two kids, Molly and Shane, sat together with Gregory, and were sandwiched between Gregory and Diana. At the beginning of the dinner, they was very lively and asked Gregory to pick up food for them. When the atmosphere at the table began to be strange, the two kids had already shrank back and dared not speak.

"Come on, kids." Diana held their hands and walked out. Kids shouldn't watch adults quarrel. As soon as Melissa lifted the table, the two kids were frightened. And if they still stayed here, they didn't know what would happen next.

Melissa regretted as soon as she overturned the table. Although she felt great, she didn't know whether the two kids were frightened or not. And her grandmother was not happy about what she had just done.

At first, Bethany scolded Melissa very vigorously, but then her mother told Molly not to learn from her. She blanched at once and was embarrassed.

Melissa smiled at Bethany and dragged her mother away from the table. She didn't know if these people were still in the mood to eat. 'If my mom and I aren't there, they probably don't want to eat any more.'

"Why did you do that just now? I have taught you for so many years."

Melissa didn't expect that when she returned to her room, what she waited for was not her mother's praise, but a lesson.

Looking at her mother's tight lips, Melissa's expression was not much better. "Should I be well-educated to that kind of person? I don't think a dirty person deserves my education. "

"Does your education depend on who they are? Is your education yours or someone else's? " Briana was disappointed. What happened today reminded Briana of Melissa many years ago.

Melissa was disrespectful to the elders, unfriendly to her friends, and also impolite and unreliable. When she first came back home, Melissa didn't treat Briana as her mother at all. She cursed and beat Briana. Although the strength of a child was not strong, it was particularly heartbreaking.

"Mom! It was her fault! Why did you teach me a lesson? " Melissa felt wronged. 'It was their fault. I just resisted. Was I going to sit there like my father and do nothing?'

"Do you think you are right?" Briana's expression became colder and her eyes were full of disgust. For so many years, she had been dedicated to teaching her daughter to be a real lady.

Briana wanted her daughter to be an elegant, reserved and sensible girl. In the past few years, she was more and more satisfied with Melissa. But this year.

able to restrain herself.

No one spoke on the other side of the phone. With one hand still putting the phone near her ear, Melissa covered her face with the other hand and fell on her legs. "Tell me, what is he after?"

Melissa felt helpless. 'I'm good with George now, aren't I? Does it matter why he's with me? What's more, George is the kind of person who could sacrifice himself to act in order to get something?'

"To find someone." This was the real reason why George said he wanted to marry Melissa. It was the deal between George and Briana.

The original deal was that Briana introduced the person that George was looking for to him in exchange. In the future, if anything happened to Melissa, George couldn't stand by.

After Briana introduced the person to George, she had thought that this matter would be over in this way, which could also leave a way out for Melissa. No matter what, if anything happened in the future, George would definitely help Melissa.

But Briana didn't expect that George would say that he wanted to marry Melissa. At that time, it happened to be the time for Veronica to make trouble. Briana thought of a lot of things happened in the hometown, and thought that Melissa would be held back by these people in hometown in the future. In despair, Briana actually felt that it was a good idea for Melissa to marry George.

In this way, it was perfectly justifiable for George to protect Melissa, and Briana didn't have to worry about anything that she couldn't take into account in time. It could be said that it was the best choice at that time.

Later Briana found that she was too naive. If the two got married, George could protect Melissa. That person would also further cooperate with George for the sake that George was the son-in-law to be of Ji family. But what about Melissa? Would Melissa get any benefits?

George didn't even tell his parents about it.

"You should know that all I have done is for your own good. Your father and I don't know how many years we still have left. We don't expect anything else. We just hope that you can live a happy life in the future... "

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