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   Chapter 342 The Party

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George raised his eyebrows. The first floor and the fourth floor? Good. "Take me to the first floor first. I'll think about the first floor or the fourth."

To be exact, he wanted to see around first to see if he could meet Melissa.

"Yes, sir." The waitress pressed a bell on the table. It was not a common electronic bell, but a British old bell for aristocratic dishes. Soon another waiter came out from the back of the corridor.

"Take this gentleman to Room 305 and Room 309."

"Okay." The waiter glanced at George and bowed to him. "Sir, please follow me."

He followed the waiter to walk through different passages. The same ebony wooden wall looked almost the same as the door, but the texture was slightly different. There was a door plate of the same color hanging on it, and the number of the door plate was written in purple fancy font style. The shopkeeper should be a woman.

It was the first time for him to observe the restaurant carefully, and he felt it was novel. Unfortunately, every door was closed and the people inside couldn't be seen at all. He couldn't meet Melissa today?

George raised his hand to look at his watch. He still had some activities to do later, and he couldn't keep wasting time here.

He didn't feel anxious, but if he couldn't see Melissa today, Melissa would be disappointed. The bad girl in the video last night obviously wanted him to go there.

Sitting in the room, Melissa felt a little bored. She thought there were only two people, but she didn't expect that the boy had brought a lot of friends. 'It is understandable. After all, the room is so large.' she thought. But they were all friends. She was a bit out of place when she sat here. It was really... It was not interesting.

"Melissa, do you mind me calling you like that?" The person she needed to meet today was Barton Feng, who sat next to Melissa. An outgoing girl had sat next to Melissa and helped her pour drinks, and now she had already sat somewhere else, sitting next to another boy.

"I don't mind." Melissa answered with a smile, she thought, 'But I mind your hand on my back of the chair.' But she didn't want to ruin the harmonious atmosphere, so she stopped talking. "You are the son of Auntie Fannie?"

She knew most of the aunts who had a good time with her mother, and there were only a few that her mother couldn't refuse. She counted and found that Auntie Fannie had a son about the same age as Melissa, and they two hadn't met yet.

"Yes, my mother likes you very much, doesn't she?" There was a bottle of drink in his hand. They usually came here without bowls. Just a pair of chopsticks, a glass of wine or a cup of drink, the one could sit in every seat. However, this newcomer didn't seem to be used to this way. From the beginning to now, she hadn't moved her buttocks a little. He wondered if she would go to the toilet later. When she came back after going to the toilet, how would she react if she see her position was occupied by an unfamiliar person?

They brought a completely different person into their circle, and then saw

e red envelope, he will pinch me to death." The little hacker on the other side looked a little funny.

"No, I just want to show my gratitude. He won't do anything to you." The corners of her eyes narrowed slightly.

"Well, I'm relieved to hear that."

She saw the red envelope was quickly clicked open. The hacker also said, "Sister-in-law, it's only one penny! Well, even if there is only one penny, it's also the love from you. " Jacqueline found the page of the phone suddenly became the main screen. She clicked into QQ and there was no longer the contact she had chatted with before. There was only a "big baby" at the top of the recent chat, but it had been a year ago.

Jacqueline stared at the chatting pages of the two for two seconds before she turned off her phone and concentrated on her homework. Just wait a little longer.

"Honey, wait for me for two years. I'll come out in two years. You will also finish your college entrance examination. Remember to go to a better college. Later, you'll be responsible for supporting your family, and I'll be responsible for being beautiful as flowers."

Jacqueline threw the boy's face out of her mind and lowered her head to do the questions. It had been so long, and they two couldn't predict who would become like this?

As soon as Melissa put the clothes away, she received the message from Jacqueline. She downloaded the video and found that it was the examination room she was in. She immediately sent a message to Jacqueline, "Where did you get it?"

"I asked my friend to help me get it. You can check if there is any breakthrough. "

"Jacqueline! I find that you are really a magical woman! " Melissa was really surprised. Before she had a clue, Jacqueline had already given the breakthrough to her.

"What is it?" Strangely, she didn't want to stay alone now. It was also good to have someone talk to her.

"It's amazing. I think you can do anything. I can't believe that you even have this kind of video. And you were also in the matter of Cody last time, weren't you? "

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