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   Chapter 341 Interview

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Why was she involved in such a thing in a blink of an eye?

Moore absolutely believed in her. He believed in her moral quality and her mother's education.

"I was interviewed by a TV station before, so I didn't leave. Can you tell me what happened when you went to the dean's office?" Now Hiram went out to deal with something. If he came back and found that Melissa's head was covered with shit by the teacher, he would definitely blow up.

"The teacher in the dean's office believes that I cheated in my monthly exam. Because of a bracelet and an anonymous letter. " Melissa had nothing to hide from Moore. She knew that Moore had always been on her side.

He didn't want her to have anything wrong in the school, and Melissa didn't want to be blamed for cheating for no reason and spend the next semester in disgrace.

Moore frowned. 'They have decided the nature of the matter so rashly? It was obviously not the style of the school. Was there someone against Melissa?' he thought.

Moore's first reaction was about Cody Ji. To say who Melissa got into a feud with, it must be Melissa Ji. The result of expelling Cody from their class and demoting him to class B was not much related to Melissa, but it was still caused by her. As a teenager boy, he couldn't see clearly the confrontation of power behind, so it was possible to attribute it to Melissa.

But it didn't seem to be the case from another perspective. It was no good for Cody to accuse Melissa of cheating. Since he couldn't go back to class A, there was nothing useful for Cody except for Melissa's bad reputation.

At this time, Moore remembered that the person who was also the third place in the class 9 that was beside class A, came third in every exam. Yes, he also skipped the second place, Jacqueline, who came second in every exam. He had already known the relationships between the classmates, and he also knew their characters. It was impossible for Jacqueline to hurt her friend, and her subordinates were well restrained by her, so she could be excluded basically.

He didn't mind the gangs among his classmates. As long as the result was good, he could turn a blind eye to it. For example, when Jacqueline was with her subordinates, she would explain problems to them, or offer them something with her own advantages in exchange for their obedience and loyalty to her, so as to free herself. She could spend more time on study, and even put her interest in reading novels, which was nothing to Moore.

However, compared with them, Melissa and her subordinate Jared seemed to be troublesome Except that Jared had caused less troubles, Moore didn't see any beneficial impact of Jared on Melissa. He always made trouble for her. Not only did Jacqueline not want to see Melissa get involved with Jared, but also Moore did not want to.

"Do you know what happened to the bracelet and the anonymous letter?" The most important thing was the evidence. Moore hoped they could make a breakthrough in this respect.

"My fr

on the five floor of the neighboring mall. He had calculated the time for Melissa and finished the cooperation in advance and then went to the private restaurant after he finished the coffee.

"Hello, I have an appointment with Melissa." With one hand on the counter, George leaned against it. His black suit had been unbuttoned, and his tie had been loosened. He grabbed a few strands of hair before entering the room. He looked not very serious, but he looked much younger.

"Sorry, there is no Melissa in the reservation information." There was a male waitress at the front desk. The female waitress had just changed shift, so the appearance had no effect on him, a straight man.

"Miss Briana." It was either from Melissa or Mrs. Ji herself.

"Sorry, there was not." The waiter put his finger on his belly behind the counter and tried his best to hold back his laughter. "Sir, let me check if it has spare seats. You can sit down first and then see if the person you invited has come?"

"Okay." If he sat down in a seat casually, it would be more impossible for him to know where Melissa was. But he could take the opportunity to look for it inside. George turned his head to look inside.

Now he was at the front desk. If he wanted to go inside, the aisle would be the place for dinner.

The reason why this private restaurant could be opened in this bustling city was that it had a meaning of quietness in chaos. This receptionist was also a threshold, and not all kinds of people could enter.

For example, when he looked for Melissa, he couldn't go in if he couldn't find her reservation information and there was no spare room in the restaurant. Unlike ordinary small restaurants, the door of which was open for business, and everyone could walk in freely.

The waiter casually clicked on the computer and answered, "Sir, we still have two private rooms on the first floor, none on the second floor and the third floor, and three on the four floor. Which one do you want to book?"

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