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   Chapter 322 Sadness

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But in senior year of high school, there were many variables, and many students worked very hard at this time. Besides, Melissa had lived in the hospital for a long time. George didn't know if she had read books or not. Without the guidance of the teacher, she should be a little behind the rest of her class.

"How do you feel now?" Smart as he was, George threw the question to Melissa herself. He thought it was better for him not to answer that question.

"I don't think so. Anyway, I can't accept my scores to fall to the second place." She didn't care about grades, but in the school, not to mention grades above everything else, at least a good grade brought her a lot of convenience.

Besides, she didn't need sympathy. She didn't want to see others feel sympathy for her after she lost the exam.

"It's good that you are confident." George found that he also liked Melissa's arrogance. Through the phone screen, he could see Melissa's arrogant expression. She didn't believe that she would lose.

"Of course!"

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Melissa, are you asleep?" It was Briana's voice.

"Not yet." Melissa logged out WeChat and switched the page to the screen to answer questions. Then she stood up to open the door.

With a glass of hot milk in her hand, Briana followed Melissa into the room. "How's it going? You have slept in the hospital for so long. Can you still sleep when you come back?"

"I didn't sleep very long in the hospital. I was just lying on the bed, not sleeping."

Melissa went back to her bed, took the milk from Briana's hand and put it on the bedside table. She pouted, "I'm so sleepy now. I'm going to sleep. Mom, go back and have a rest if you have nothing else to do."

"I'll sleep with you tonight!" After saying that, Briana turned over to the bed and tucked herself in. "I haven't slept with you for a long time. I still remember that you didn't want to sleep on your own when you were a child. You climbed into my bed many times. "

"But I've grown up. I'm really not used to sleeping with others." Melissa didn't regard her mother as an outsider. She just said whatever she wanted. 'If I had to hide something from my family, I would be tired of living.

And family must be the most forgiving people for us.'

"And the bed is only this big. You sleep with me. What if I fall under the bed at night? " It was not the first time that she fell off the bed. However, when she could fall off the bed, she was usually awake and played on the bed. When she went to bed at night, she behaved well. When she was most naughty, she just fell asleep at the head of the bed at night and found herself at the end of the bed in the morning.

"You don't want me to sleep here?" Briana was a little unhappy. 'My daughter has grown up to more than 10 years old. Couldn't I have a nice chat with her?'

Suddenly, Melissa's phone vibrated. The word "George" flashed through the notice column. Melissa was even more determined that her mother couldn't sleep her

eyes became more determined, but her hands were trembling under the quilt.

"Don't you want to know the reason?" Briana made up her mind and stared at Melissa. 'She should know something. What does it mean to cut losses in time? What does it mean to weigh up the pros and cons? As businessmen, we should know how to judge the situation and know how to advance and retreat.'

"First, when George proposed, he didn't tell his family at all. Even after we agreed, he didn't tell his family. This is disrespectful to you. People only treated their concubines like this before. "

"Mommy!" Melissa frowned, "He didn't mean that. He just didn't have time."

'It was not like that. It was not that he didn't respect me. He explained it to me. He just didn't have time to tell his family first.'

"If he really respects you, instead of playing with you, can't he wait for more than 10 minutes, several hours, or even a day? How could Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Michelle hear from others that their son has a fiancee? "

At first, Briana was really satisfied with George. 'Every mother wants her daughter to marry a good man. However, no matter how good George is, without a true heart, it has nothing to do with Melissa.

As time went by, those things would only stab into Melissa's heart one after another and make her sadder.'

"It's not that he doesn't respect me. He just doesn't get close to his parents. If he didn't respect me, it was impossible for him to be beaten on the ground by me the first time we met. "

Melissa blurted out on impulse, but she didn't care about that now. During this period of time, she had been stealthily contacting with George without telling her parents, which had really challenged her limit of psychological suffering.

The two of them should be happy to be together, not like them now. Everything they did was like walking on a steel wire, and there was no other feeling except trepidation.

"What you said is probably true." The more Briana said, the sadder she looked.

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