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   Chapter 321 Return To School

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"Didn't you follow me all the time?" With a faint smile on her face, Alyssa looked at Caleb and turned to the pancake maker, "Auntie, please give me a pancake like this." She pointed at the pancake in Caleb's hand.

Seeing the light in Alyssa's eyes, Caleb handed the pancake in his hand to her. "Here you are."

"What?" 'Give it to me?'

Alyssa squinted at him. After a long while, she took it over. "Thank you."

"Well, the pancake you want is ready." A black and fat hand reached out and inserted between them.

Alyssa took the pancake given by Caleb and looked at the pancake in pancake maker's hand. She felt a little embarrassed.

After looking at the pancake in pancake maker's hand for two seconds, Caleb took it over. "Thank you, Auntie."

"What about the gift you said? I didn't get it from Caleb." After all the guests left, Melissa directly threw herself on the bed after taking a shower. 'I'm so tired of having guests in my house. Fortunately, Mom doesn't like to invite them home.'

She didn't want to read books or play games, so she had nothing to do and logged in WeChat to chat with George.

At this time, George had finished his work and returned to the apartment he rented outside. He finished reading the voice messages from Melissa. His first reaction was not to reply to Melissa, but to look for Caleb.

It was not until then that he remembered that he had asked Caleb to take a photo of the food for him, but why didn't he get any reply from Caleb. He was too busy to remember.

It never occurred to him that it was the private time of Caleb, so he called Caleb directly.

"Hey, didn't you give Melissa the gift I asked you to give her?"

At this time, Caleb and Alyssa were sitting on the stairs by the river casually. The perfume bag was moved from Caleb's hand to Alyssa's.

The voice of the phone was a little loud, and the two sat close to each other. Without any hesitation, the voice of George reached Alyssa's ears.

"A gift for Melissa?" Alyssa picked up the gift bag, "As a man, you wouldn't bring a bag of perfume for no reason. Well, send it to Melissa now. "

After saying that, she stood up and was about to leave. The pancake she had just eaten seemed to become tasteless in an instant. 'Sure enough, the food sold on the roadside was only fresh and delicious occasionally. If it was used as a main food... Let's forget it.'

Alyssa had already put her hand above the trash can. Caleb's heart sank. He had a feeling that if Alyssa threw away the pancake he bought for her, all his efforts tonight would be in vain. "Wait!"

"What?" Alyssa turned to look at him, waiting for him to speak.

Fearing that his boss would call him again and do something bad, Caleb quickly blacklisted his boss. "In fact, I bought this perfume for you."

Caleb picked up the perfume, ran up the stairs and stood beside Alyssa. "Melissa... Boss asked me to give her a credit card, not perfume." As soon as he finished his words, Caleb wanted to look for his wallet and took out the credit card to show it to Alyssa. "But I left in a

into his pocket, looked for his parking lot and left his boss behind again.

On the other side, after sending the message, George waited for half a minute but didn't receive any message from Caleb. He had been thinking about which department to send Caleb first.

"What? George, where are you?" A text message appeared on WeChat. It was Melissa's.

"I asked someone for the photos of your dinner tonight." George made up an excuse. 'It was better to have an excuse than not to say anything and let her think nonsense.'

The two of them both had no experience in love. It seemed that George had the talent for relationships. On the contrary, Melissa was just like an ordinary girl. When George didn't reply, she had already thought about it for seven or eight times, just like the emojis she had seen about Kumamoto bear before. She waited until she was so desperate that George died in her heart, and so was her love.

"Let me have a look." As soon as she received the message from George, Melissa seemed to come back to life. She was a little excited and expectant.

This was a little difficult for George. All the photos that Caleb sent George were...

When he clicked on the chatting interface with Caleb, George found that all the photos showed that girl's body part. They showed the girl's hands, face, and even her hair with food. The corners of George's mouth twitched. He decisively changed the topic. "When are you going to school?"

When Melissa came back to the school, George really needed to hurry up.

"It's Friday today. According to the school rules, I have half a day off tomorrow afternoon. In the morning, it's the week test. I'll be lazy for another day. I'll go to school the day after tomorrow." Melissa didn't notice that George was trying to change the topic. She was also interested in talking about it.

"Well, do you think my score will drop a lot after I go back this time?"

'Well...' George was not sure, though he knew that Melissa was a good student and ranked first in every semester in high school.

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