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   Chapter 320 Shopping In The Night Market

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Sitting in her seat, Melissa didn't know her mother's plan at all. Even if she knew it, she wouldn't take it seriously. She had done too many things against her mother's will. Anyway, her mother had compromised a lot with her. Who knew if her mother would continue to compromise this time?

Seeing that it was Caleb, Melissa had no intention of endearing herself to him. She just took a fancy to George for who he was. She was not dismissive of the value attached to George, but she really didn't take it seriously. The new marriage law came out. If they divorced, the woman only had the property that the two of them had after marriage. That was to say, the current status of George could not have anything to do with her.

On the contrary, because of George's high status, her mother felt insecure. At the beginning, her mother felt lucky, but now, her mother was in a state of panic. Her mother even decided not to let her marry George.

However, Melissa just thought she liked George, and it had nothing to do with the value attached to him.

If George hadn't officially introduced her to his friends, she would be happy to play dumb. It was more comfortable to be in a relationship between two people. More people meant more trouble.

Melissa lowered her head to eat and didn't pay much attention to Caleb.

Briana didn't show much enthusiasm to Caleb. She was only polite enough. In fact, Briana didn't pay much attention to Caleb from the beginning.

"By the way, Madeline, has your son come back from abroad?" After taking a small bite, Briana turned to ask a middle-aged woman sitting next to Melissa.

The woman, Madeline, didn't look old. Her cosmetics and clothes made her look like a person in her early twenties. Upon hearing Briana's question, Madeline put down the knife and fork in her hand, wiped her mouth with a napkin and replied, "Not yet. But soon, he will be back next week."

Briana smiled with satisfaction, but she didn't say anything. She lowered her head and continued to eat the spaghetti.

Madeline seemed to know what Briana meant. She turned to Melissa with assurance and asked, "Melissa, are you free next week?

You just left the hospital. You haven't gone shopping for a long time, right? Do you want to go shopping with Kate, my daughter? It's my treat. " After saying that, Madeline took out a bank card from her bag and put it on the table. Then she turned around and told her daughter, "Kate, you go out with Melissa next week and ask your brother to come with you by the way. He hasn't come back for so many years. I guess he doesn't even know which side the door of our house is open."

"Why do you need to pay for Melissa's shopping?" Briana rolled up a fork of spaghetti but didn't put it into her mouth. "Victor, give Melissa an additional card later."

"Okay." Victor nodded. He didn't spend much time at home. Briana had the final say on many things.

George didn't come over. Only an assistant of the company showed up. Although things were out of her expectation, Bri

ne there.

Caleb found the nearest parking lot and parked the car. He walked slowly towards the night market with a gift bag in his hand.

He hadn't been to the night market for a long time. Last time, after the graduation oral defense, he went to the night market with his roommates and several girls.

He was really relaxed at that time. He had a part-time job of eight thousand dollars a month, so he didn't feel stressed at all at school. He ate what he wanted and played what he wanted.

Unlike now, his monthly salary was several times higher, but he had no time to spend money.

Caleb looked down at his suit and then looked at the people coming and going. They were all T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. He didn't fit in.

"Kanto cooking. Kanto cooking..."

"Kebabs! Kebabs!"

"Roast duck neck, roast chicken leg..."

"Please give me a pancake." Smelling the delicious food, Caleb walked to a stall selling pancakes. The fat woman deftly opened one of cakes and asked what he wanted to add.

"You can add whatever you want."

Caleb took off his glasses and squinted his eyes. 'Pink dress? It seems to be that girl.'

Caleb put down ten dollars, turned around the cake stall and chased after the girl in the pink dress.

There were still a lot of people. Every time he was about to catch up with the girl, there were always several people between them.

He had thought about calling her, but if he called her name, it seemed that he would lose. His ideal state was to run into the girl by chance, send the perfume out and get the photo.

After walking for a while, he stopped and chased after the girl for two streets. He saw the girl standing in front of a pancake stall.

"Auntie, please give me a pancake." Caleb put his right index finger against his glasses.

"Hey, young man, you're back. Here you are. " This stall was the one that Caleb bought pancakes before. The pancake maker was so happy to see Caleb that she stuffed a hot pancake wrapped in a paper bag into Caleb's hand.

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