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   Chapter 319 Attending The Dinner Party

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"Is she leaving the hospital today?" With his hand on the edge of the table pushing ahead unconsciously, he slid back along with the chair and crashed into the glass wall behind. "Didn't the doctor say that she'd better stay there for three months?" George took another mobile phone for office use and looked at the date, and said, "It's still half a month left."

Was she leaving the hospital so soon? He hadn't finished yet. George held the glass wall with his backhand and frowned. "Will it have a bad impact on her health if she leaves the hospital in advance?"

Now that they had nothing to do with each other, and George still cared about her daughter so much, it was impossible for Briana not to feel complicated.

"No." Although Briana didn't come to the hospital, she still kept in touch with the doctor. Because of the trouble caused by the old doctor at the beginning, the doctor got much better attitude and paid much attention to Melissa later.

"I have asked the doctor. Melissa has recovered well. As long as she is not seriously injured again, she can walk and jump normally."

"Okay." It seemed that she really had to leave the hospital in advance. With a tap of his toes, George slid the chair back, and picked up the mouse. He put on his glasses and looked at the computer again. He had to hurry up. "Auntie, I'm not sure if I'm free tonight. If I'm free, I'll come over. Okay? "

"Okay." Hearing that he might not come over, Briana breathed a sigh of relief silently. It would be best if he didn't come. Or it would only embarrass them.

In the hospital, the procedures were surprisingly smooth. Before the hospital was off duty at noon, all the things had been handled. Briana informed Erin not to come again. She transferred the last salary to Erin's card, and the three of them returned home with things.

They was in a hurry at noon and had to treat the guests at night. Briana made something simple and the three of them had some food casually. Victor went back to the company as usual, and Melissa went into the kitchen to help her mother. It was almost at dusk when she finished dealing with the dishes that could be handled and then cleaned up the small dining room for guests. The wine she had called and ordered before came to her door. The mother and daughter went back to the kitchen.

The dinner was set at half past seven in the evening. After all, it was her treat at home. There was no second stall, so it didn't matter if she was late.

With her relatives, Victor's friends and their family members coming one by one, only George's seat was still empty.

The guests curiously asked whose the empty seat was and why let them wait for the dinner until the person came.

Briana came out and took the initiative to explain. Since George had helped Melissa a lot during Melissa's stay in the hospital, she had to invite him to dinner.

The people who could come were all smart. Because of George's potential, coupled with the family background he represented, even if he was not qualified to let so many people wait for him now, his future achievements would be difficult to say, so they wouldn't say anything.

Taking advanta

for a long time.

Caleb was on the verge of breaking down when he received the news that George wanted the food photos! 'What's wrong with my boss recently? Why does he make more and more trouble out of nothing?' he thought.

For the sake of his salary card and money, Caleb closed his eyes and comforted himself silently that his boss was still alive. His boss was just a little out of his mind recently.

"Mr. Caleb, do you feel uncomfortable?" Sitting next to him, Caleb asked in a low voice when she saw him closing his eyes.

"Oh, no, I'm fine." Caleb waved his hand with a smile, and his eyes flashed. He noticed a girl in a pink dress opposite him, who was taking pictures of the food on the table.

Women at the age of more than 20, whether single or not, liked to take photos of delicious food or all kinds of beautiful food, which were used to post space, wechat, and micro-blog. He didn't know if he could ask her for the photos after dinner.

After making up his mind and giving his boss a definite reply, he turned his attention to tonight's dinner.

There were about twenty people sitting at the long table. Most of them came with their young daughters, and some fathers came with their daughters. Caleb paid attention to these young girls. They were all in their early twenty's, looking young and beautiful, dignified and lively, and each of them had his own unique beauty.

Was this a beauty contest? No wonder his boss didn't come and pushed him out. But he didn't know the relationship between Mrs. Ji and his boss. She even prepared a blind date for his boss.

Briana was indeed planning to introduce a girlfriend to George. The Ji family couldn't afford to offend George, so the two of them were separated. If she introduced George new girlfriend, in George's eyes, they would be kind to each other. In fact, she was more afraid that the two of them would have a connection. After thinking for a while, she decided to introduce a girlfriend to George. Although it was a little out of line, the effect was good. Since she had done it, Melissa and George could no longer be together.

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