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   Chapter 318 Dinner Party

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For the first time, Melissa was upset that she couldn't leave the hospital. Otherwise, she wouldn't have ended up like waiting for George to see her specially. She couldn't go to find him, so she was completely passive.

The more she thought about it, the more unhappy she became. She pouted her lips.

As a man, George didn't know what was on the little girl's mind. Seeing her pursed lips, he thought she wanted a separate kiss. He bent down skillfully, with his hands still fastening the buttons on his waist. He gently touched her lips with her lips and reached out to rub her head. "Stay in the hospital. I'll come to see you in a few days."

Being kissed all of a sudden, Melissa felt both shy and annoyed. She felt better after hearing that George would come here in a few days. Still unconvinced, she turned her head aside and snorted, "Who cares whether you can come here or not?"

"I care, I care, okay?" Without arguing with her, George gave her a gentle hug and whispered in her ear. "Erin should be here. I'll ask her to push you back and have a rest later. You've been out for so long. Don't come out today. I'll ask her to take you out tomorrow when the weather is good."

"I know." The two of them just stayed together for less than half an hour, and were interrupted. Thinking of this, Melissa felt a little reluctant to leave him. She secretly grabbed the hem of his suit jacket.

When he stood up, Melissa didn't dare to pull the hem too hard. She was afraid that he would find her reluctance. The strength from her hand was getting weaker and weaker, and the cloth in her hand was getting less and less. In the end, only air was grasped. Melissa let go of it and clenched her fists again, but the corner of his clothes had gone.

By this time, Erin had already come over. She didn't come out from behind Melissa until George turned around and left. Melissa looked at George's back with her, which was gradually blocked by the trees and flowers.

"Miss Melissa, why don't you let Mr. George stay with you?"

Erin had also worked as a caretaker for lovers or a young couple. As the patient, everyone wanted their lover to stay and be alone with their lover for a while. Why was Miss Melissa so different from others?

It didn't seem like they were in a bad relationship. Every time, Mr. sharp came and left in a hurry. Although it took him less time, he was attentive to Melissa.

Did Miss Melissa not love Mr. George?

Erin was shocked by her guess. She was hired by Mr. George. How could she guess that?

"Because it's not interesting to stay here." Melissa did feel bored to be alone with George. She was still in high school, but he had already been managing a company. The two people's circle was completely different. They didn't know what to talk about when they were together.

How about talking about her future plan like today? But she really didn't have any plan. She just wanted to drop out of school.

Erin didn't know that Melissa had thought of something else, but she just heard her say it was boring. Her heart skipped a beat. How could a man and a woman in love say such words like "bo

lissa asked, "Do I need to spend so long reading?

Briana didn't care about her daughter's complacency and asked Victor to go through the discharge formalities for Melissa right now. She began to send messages to her family's close relatives and friends, saying that she would treat them a meal after Melissa was discharged from the hospital.

Generally speaking, there was no need for her to make such a scene after Melissa was discharged from the hospital. A family meal was enough. Thinking of George, she had to make the scene larger. The most important thing was that she wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the relationship between George and Melissa.

Briana was not afraid that George would not cooperate. In her opinion, he had promised her to break up with her daughter. He knew the meaning of this party, so he would definitely not refuse.

She called George. At this time, George was in his office. Seeing the caller ID, he put down the mouse in his hand and took off the gold rimmed glasses he would occasionally wear when working. He rubbed the bridge of the nose and raised the phone to his ear. "Hello." He said in an indifferent voice.

"Hello, Mr. George. I'm Melissa's mother." Briana called George in front of Melissa, but she didn't tell Melissa who she was calling.

Hearing the word 'Mr. George', Melissa, who curled up and turned her head to the other side, was stunned. Except for George, no one was called Mr. George.

"Auntie, what can I do for you?" George leaned back and put his head on the back of the chair. He had been so busy these days that he wished he could have six hands.

He had no choice. He had set his father up. If he didn't clean up the mess now, he wouldn't be able to leave.

"Thank you for your help so many times. We are going to let Melissa leave the hospital today. Will you come to our house for dinner tonight?"

Should she be so polite and alienated? Melissa wrinkled her nose. Her mother was the one who was so satisfied with George back then, and now her mother was the one who wanted to get rid of George. Women!

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