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   Chapter 317 Future Planning

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She only knew that she didn't want to stay in this city anymore and didn't want to be restricted by her mother. "But I won't stay here any longer."

"I won't stay here any longer." Hearing that, George was a little confused. He planned that if Melissa stayed in the local area, the two of them could rent a duplex apartment next to the school. She lived upstairs while he lived downstairs.

In the daytime, when she went to school and he went to work, in addition to sleeping together, they could completely experience the married life in advance, and gradually get used to the life habits of the two people. There would definitely be less contradictions after marriage.

The biggest advantage was that if he was with her, she would definitely not be chased away by other boys. He was confident in himself.

"Do you have any major you like?" As soon as he finished speaking, George took out his phone. Not long ago, he had spent some time sorting out the better major in some of the better universities in the country.

Although he hoped that Melissa would be admitted to a local university, which was more convenient for the two of them, and the teaching quality of the local university was also good. But he also thought that Melissa might have other ideas, so he simply sorted out a document.

George opened the document and showed the phone to Melissa. "This is the better major in some domestic universities. You can choose one you like."

Melissa swiped her finger across the screen. She thought there would be a lot of schools, but she didn't expect that he would only pick out more than 10 of the more than 1000 universities in the country. Melissa's eyebrows twitched involuntarily.

"No." Melissa threw his phone back. She just wanted to drop out of school and didn't want to stay at school anymore. It was so boring at school.

It would take it one month to learn something but school deliberately spent three months to do it. She didn't want her flower season to go through in the school like this.

"Have a look." Finally, in front of Melissa, George showed his cold and irresistible attitude towards his subordinates.

"No way!" Melissa didn't buy it. She had always been a person who could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. Even George spoke to her kindly, she chose to say 'no'. Now George looked so indifferent, how could Melissa be obedient?

"Melissa!" Hearing that, George's tone became several degrees colder. He had spent so much time and energy sorting out the documents. How could he be happy with her attitude?

Today, he came here specially and cancelled several important meetings. He wanted to see Melissa, to know her future planning, and then to tell her his thoughts.

He had been planning for the future of the two, but it seemed that she didn't pay enough attention to his own will. George felt a little disappointed.

Melissa rolled her eyes. She was not his subordinate. How could she do whatever he said? Didn't she want to save face?

Then she crossed her hands over her chest and turned back and doesn't face George anymore. She stared at

she didn't want it. Was she really so resistant to economics and management?

George raised his head and sat straight. He put his hands on his knees and tapped gently on his knees with his index finger. Even if she didn't want to, he had to let her learn. Anyway, he hoped that she could learn more. After all, she herself was the most reliable one.

He had thought about letting Melissa choose the one she liked, but considering her family. Her father started from scratch.

Now Victor's relatives were afraid of Briana, so they didn't come to see them. What would happen when Briana got old? What if the people who knew that Briana was powerful got old? It was hard to guarantee that no greedy person would be willing to take the risk.

George didn't want Melissa to mess with other people in the future and then she turned bad herself.

"Let's stop talking about this." Now that Melissa was so resistant, George could only gradually influence her and change her opinion. Maybe he could first let her see the faces of the poor relatives of Victor's family.

Originally, Melissa had been waiting for George to beg her again, and then she would agree reluctantly. She didn't expect that he would stop pestering her. She rolled her eyes and decided not to talk with him anymore. After all, it was far from the college entrance examination. "Then let's stop talking."

Seeing that Melissa pretended to be calm and looked a little regretful, George couldn't help snickering in his heart. How could she be so cute? "I have to go back now, or the company will be in trouble."

Melissa didn't know anything about the company's affairs. It was always what George said. When she heard that he was going back, she didn't say anything even if she wasn't willing to let him go. She pouted her mouth and said, "Okay."

Seeing that George didn't say anything and picked up the coat on the table and was about to leave, she pouted her mouth even more. "Don't you have anything to tell me?" He should say goodbye to her and tell her when he will come next time, shouldn't he?

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