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   Chapter 316 A Gift

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"I'm eighteen years old. I am still in grade three in high school. "

As expected, when Ellis Lan heard the three words "Grade three", his hand holding the crutch trembled, and the crutch trembled almost dropped. "What do you think, George? Why did you choose a high school student?"

Ellis's words were very harsh. His question sounded like he was blaming George for doing something worse than a beast.

"She'll graduate from high school soon." George didn't take what Ellis Lan said seriously. Besides, Melissa was not very young. It can't be said that he deceived her. He had lied to Melissa's mother, but he had never lied to Melissa.

"Even though it is soon, she is still in the third year of high school! It's so important when she is in grade three. How can you mess with her? " Ellis Lan was so angry that he wanted to jump. He didn't read much in his life. After graduating from high school, he began to do business in the shopping mall. It was not until now that he had such a good reputation.

In addition, girls were not as good as boys. Under the same conditions, the first one to be admitted must be a man. So, even if he could do it, could this girl in front of him do it?

"No, I can't let him ruin you for his own sake. Melissa, go back to school now. Don't talk to him. If you need anything, just come to me. Don't talk to him."

As the young CEO of a listed company, he dared to provoke a high school student. If this matter was exposed, no one would care about the truth, but only how many people could benefit if it was made a scandal.

"Uncle, we have met the parents of both sides." George said. His words were steady and powerful, and even his eyes were sincere. Melissa stood aside and watched. If she was not the client, she would definitely be confused by his expression.

"Even if you have met the parents of both sides, there must be someone who doesn't agree!" With a knock on the ground with his crutch, Ellis Lan decisively interrupted him. The white beards on his chin rose and fell.

Ellis was right. Silently, Melissa praised this uncle in her heart. She stole a glance at George next to her and wondered how George would deal with it.

"Yes, there is indeed someone who doesn't agree." George didn't deny it. "But they will agree." He was once again calm, powerful and confident.

Melissa couldn't figure out why George was so confident. Her mother had told her in front of him that she couldn't marry such a man. He didn't flinch. How could he be so confident to marry her?

Ellis Lan didn't want to waste any more time on this matter. He finally realized that George was not willing to compromise on this.

"How is the company going recently?" As the fourth largest controlling shareholder, although Ellis Lan didn't have enough education, but experienced, he was one of the best. Therefore, he often asked George to investigate something.

"Not bad." George said in a low voice, showing no sign of emotion. It was hard for him to have time not to work once. So it was a helpless thing to meet his uncle when he was dating.

Ellis Lan had been asking about affairs and giving t

left, and her left ankle should be closer to her heart than her right ankle.

George didn't resist at all. Although he paid special attention to his image in front of others, especially... He even didn't want to say one more word. But Melissa would be his wife in the future. He didn't want to see her as an outsider.

George bent down and lifted up Melissa's feet which were hanging in the air. Since Melissa was sitting on his left, when her left foot reached out, her right foot was squeezed to the edge of the chair. So George lifted her right foot as well.

He rolled up the blue and white hospital gown and gently put on the bracelet for her. After all, it was not a anklet, so it was a little shorter than the anklet. The strong contrast between red and white made George dare not look at it a second time.

Melissa didn't pay attention to him. She took her leg back and stretched out her left leg to look around. It was so beautiful. She put her leg back and patted George. "You have to wear another one when you go back. Remember to take a photo and send it to me."

"Okay." With a little absent-minded, George touched his itchy nose and asked, "Do you have any plans for your future?"

He was older than Melissa, so he had to take care of her on some important things. Otherwise, how could her parents let him take care of Melissa in the future.

George had a good plan. When he proposed to her before, Briana was the first one to agree, and it was her who provided him with convenience. Now it was her who disagreed. He was angry, but after that, he compromised.

He knew very well that the reason why her mother did so was for the sake of Melissa. As long as he had been planning for Melissa and stayed with her all the time, her mother would definitely accept him when Melissa grew old.

He hoped that Melissa had a clear goal now. If she had a target university and a major she liked, then he could do something for her.

"I haven't made a plan yet." Melissa's heart was filled with the thought of quitting school. She had never thought about any future plans.

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