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   Chapter 315 Playing Hard-to-get

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But he was ambitious. He wanted to become a person that everyone admired. The intensive care unit was a good place. Doctors were not like doctors, and patients were not like patients.

He didn't need to help everyone with anything as he used to do. Now he had plenty of time in the room to study all kinds of medical books and prepare for his thesis.

Sometimes he could go to see his senior and see if there was a way to save him. Stephen Xu was very happy to see that Arlen Gu could make Abbott Xu speechless and leave directly.

Stephen glanced at the young doctor in front of him. The doctor wasn't staying in the intensive care unit all the time. The doctor applied for transfer after he came here. As a young and promising doctor, he didn't lack money. Why didn't he display his ambitions in other departments and come to the intensive care unit?

Compared with other departments, the intensive care unit was not as good as other departments except for high salary. And the doctor had tried to contact him several times.

Stephen glanced at him and decided to stay away from him. Why would a doctor, who was not a psychiatrist, contact him?

He exerted some strength secretly, and the blood in the wound on his hand increased a little.

"Hurry up! Push it back and bind it up!" A nurse who accidentally swept across his arm suddenly spoke out. Just now, Mr. Abbott was angry because they hadn't treated the wound well. If there was any trouble because of excessive bleeding, their basic salary would probably be cancelled this month.

Before Arlen Gu could get close, he saw them leaving at a fast speed. He could only sigh and turn back to his office. He was not a psychiatrist, and it was impossible for him to make the rounds of the wards. The intensive care unit was a special place, and the attending doctor could not go to other patients when he was free.

Arlen Gu didn't know when he could get in touch with his senior. He sighed. Without exact information, the teacher of Psychiatry Department of medical school would definitely not come here.

Like every time in the past, Stephen Xu stared blankly at a certain place, allowing the doctors to play with him at will.

Melissa turned around and asked Erin, "Do you know how long Mr. Stephen has been in hospital?"

"For several years." Erin was not sure. After all, she was just a hospital care worker, not a staff in the hospital. How could she know so much?

Melissa shook her head. Judging from Stephen's appearance, he looked good. His nails were cut neatly, and his clothes were clean and tidy. She wondered if he was really lunatic, but he had a considerate hospital care worker, or he was pretending, so he still cared about his appearance.

If it was really a coincidence as Erin said, his father died as soon as he graduated. His family was engaged in perfume business, and he himself studied this field. If he could also have some finance knowledge, no matter what, that company was prepared to give him. But now, he was in a mental hospital and his brother was in charge of the company.

This kind of thing had happened in both rich families and o

which was his uncle. In fact, he came here to wait for a chance to see Melissa. He had just played a few rounds of chess with his uncle. When he got a message from Erin that Melissa was here, he killed himself during the game and stood up to look for her.

Being poked on the back of her waist, Melissa was almost blurted out "Uncle" subconsciously. She thought that they were not a couple now, and it was a little embarrassing for her to call him "Uncle" in such a hurry.

"Hello, Grandfather. My name is Melissa Ji." Except for a name, she didn't plan to say anything. What the old man thought was one thing, and how she behaved was another. Anyway, she couldn't make mistakes and be caught by others.

Hearing Melissa's words, George felt a sharp pain in his teeth. George called him "uncle", and this girl called him "Grandfather". It meant that there was a big age gap between George and Melissa? George pinched his chin and thought for a while. He took the word "Grandfather" as a casual name.

George did the psychological construction and then heard the meaning of smile in his uncle's tone. "Why do you call me Grandfather? Don't you think it's more friendly to call me Grandpa?" Ellis Lan touched his white beard and raised his eyebrows at Melissa.

Now that Ellis Lan had shown his true feelings, how could Melissa not understand what he meant? She immediately said, "Grandpa!"

Seeing the constipated expression on George 's face, Melissa and Ellis Lan laughed more happily.

Ellis Lan took a look at Melissa and then turned to look at George. Suddenly, he asked, "How old are you? What are you doing now?" Then he turned around and walked back, as if asking something about a junior at home casually.

A smile played at the corners of her mouth. It seemed that she could see the change of expression on George's face again. George's face was as cold as ice all the time. Except when the two of them were together alone, his face was natural.

Melissa even wanted to climb on him and pinch him on the face. She wanted to see if he could keep his face as cold as ice.

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