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   Chapter 313 Communication

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Erin had taken care of several patients and known acquainted doctors downstairs. She borrowed a wheelchair and came up without saying a few words. She was a few steps away from the door when she heard something heavy fall from the room.

Erin's heart jolted. There was no one else in the ward except for Melissa. So she threw the wheelchair in her hand aside and rushed into the ward. She asked before she could see clearly what was going on, as if only by doing so could she feel more relieved.

"I'm fine." With an innocent look on her face, Melissa said, "A man suddenly came into the ward and said a lot of nonsense for no reason. Then he suddenly passed out." Melissa pointed at Stephen, who was lying on the edge of the bed, "It's him."

Melissa glanced at the back side of Stephen's head. He had thick hair. If someone didn't pulled his hair out, they wouldn't be able to see any traces of being hit.

Erin hurried over and rolled the man over. She saw Stephen's face. "Oh, it's him." Erin patted her thigh and asked, "Miss Melissa, did he hurt you?"

"No." Seeing that Erin seemed to know him, Melissa was curious. 'Does Erin know whether he's really crazy or not?' "Erin, do you know him?"

"I don't know him, but I have worked as a care worker in the hospital for so long, so I know a little about him." With a pitiful look on her face, Erin helped him up and put him on another bed. Since Erin came, Briana hadn't been staying at the hospital at night, and Erin had slept on the bed. So it was no big deal for her to put Stephen on the bed now.

"This young man, I heard from the nurse that he was a top student before. He seemed to study chemistry. He got many prizes and was very good at it. Their family ran a company to make perfume. He has a brother who is in charge of their company now. "

Erin sighed, "He, a good young man, has just graduated. Before he could find a job, his father passed away. I don't know if he suddenly went crazy because of his father's death."

'He majored in chemistry and his family was engaged in perfume business. Wasn't it appropriate for him to work in his family's own research room? For him, there was no need to find a job.'

Melissa thought of her family's own company. 'My family was engaged in building materials. Would I have to study the civil engineering in the future? But the civil engineering was not close to my family's industry.'

Hearing Erin's words, Melissa thought the man was a psychopath. "Then why didn't their family send him to a special hospital for targeted treatment? Instead, they sent him here. I remember this hospital is good in orthopedics."

"Oh, I heard from the nurse that this hospital is close to their home and they have shares in this hospital. So they usually send people here when people get sick."

After tucking Stephen in, Erin sat next to Melissa, "In fact, we don't know the

ient for no reason? This man is simply insane. I actually believed his nonsense.'

Melissa laughed grimly. She had no place to vent her anger. She bit her lips hard. Before she could do anything, the man suddenly went crazy and began to smash around with a stool.

"Ah!" At a close distance, Erin saw the crazy look of Stephen. Irritated, she screamed and stood still, unable to move.

The doctors and nurses who came with Erin were much calmer. They slowly approached Stephen and hemmed him in. Some of them were holding the bandage in their hands, while others were approaching with bare hands.

With red eyes, Stephen smashed at the ward. Seeing the doctors and nurses coming with their tools, he knew that he would be caught for a few injections today. His eyes were slightly red, and blue veins stood out on his hands and forehead.

Stephen glanced at Melissa on the bed. Seeing her regretful face, he suddenly remembered many patients he had asked for help before. Melissa trusted him very much. After all, not everyone could see him as a normal person after they saw him go crazy. But now... This little girl should have taken him as a mental patient, shouldn't she?

Stephen closed his eyes and fell to the ground all of a sudden. His body was pressed on the broken glass he had broken before, and the transparent glass fragments were stained with blood.

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Catch him! " The doctor at the edge waved his hand and rushed to the front. He took out the medicine and a disposable injector from his pocket and injected the medical potions into Stephen's vein on the spot.

When the doctor injected him, the doctor was on his knees, with his eyes fixed on the medical potions. He was in a state of tension all over his body. He didn't relax until all the medical potions were in.

Melissa was half sitting on the bed, with all her weight on her hands, and her nerves were highly strained.

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