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   Chapter 312 Borrow A Wheelchair

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In fact, Erin had nothing to do most of the time. This was the most relaxing work she had received in this industry for so many years, and the salary she received was also high.

When Melissa was reading books, Erin was so bored but she didn't leave and talked with others.

"Erin, let's go downstairs." Melissa closed the book. Looking at the bright sunshine coming in from the window, she wanted to go out.

"What?" Erin was still in a daze when she was suddenly called. "Go downstairs? What's going on downstairs? The doctor said you can't stand too long now."

"Can you borrow a wheelchair for me and push me out to bask in the sun?" Melissa put the book aside and stretched herself. "I'm bored staying in the ward."

"Well, wait for me. I'll borrow a wheelchair from a nurse." Erin closed the door casually and didn't close it. There was no one in the nurse station. Erin approached the nurse station and felt strange. 'There's really no one here.

In the past, there would be one or two nurses in the nurse station at any time, but why is there no one today?' Erin felt strange and went to the doctor's lounge again.

As soon as Erin turned the corner, a thin boy in hospital gown entered Melissa's ward.

Melissa closed her eyes for a rest. She had been reading for a long time, and her eyes were a little sore. 'I should go downstairs to see the green later, but I don't know if it could help my eyes. If I became nearsighted, I would be embarrassed. At that time, I even need to carefully watch my glasses when fighting.'

Seeing that Melissa was closing her eyes and breathing steadily, Stephen found that there were several thick books beside her head in a mess.

"Five years of college entrance examination and three years of simulation." Looking at the top purple cover book, Stephen read out the title of the book, "Are you still a senior high school student?"

Hearing the voice, Melissa opened her eyes. 'Who would come to see me? He didn't look like an acquaintance. How could an acquaintance not know that I'm a high-school senior?

It's him.'

Melissa still remembered how mad Stephen was in her ward last time. He not only smashed her phone, but also hurt several nurses. If the head nurse hadn't come in time, she might have been injured.

'But now he smiles at me with his bright eyes. Is he sober now?'

"I'm a senior high school student." 'Let's just treat him as a normal person now.'

Melissa replied calmly. Then she turned around and looked around to find Erin.

She didn't care what the man thought in front of her. She was still a patient and couldn't stand for a long time. Even if she could move her hands or feet, she didn't want to risk her own bones. If there was really something wrong, she would be very regretful.

Melissa really hoped that Erin could leave the wheelchair alone and come back as soon as possible.

"I'm sick." Stephen moved his body, put his hands on his knees, stood straight and looked at Melissa with a smile. It seemed that he was going to laugh at her.

Melissa was indeed stunned and looked suspiciousl

ittle girl's ward. Although he was a little conscious at that time, his brain could not control his body. He did smash her phone.

The other day, he heard from the nurse that his brother, Abbott, would come to see him. He didn't want to face Abbott, so he ran out of the ward when the nurse was not noticing. He had done this many times since he entered the hospital. At the beginning, he was clumsy, but now he was skillful.

When he first saw Melissa, he just wanted to make himself more like a psychopath so that he could grab her phone. After he got her phone, he wanted to hide it and contact his friends in a corner. But the phone rang and a nurse came in. Suddenly, a familiar smell floated in the air, and he lost control of his body.

Stephen was in a daze for a moment. Melissa's arm was placed horizontally behind him, and there was a sharp pain in the back of his head. Stephen's eyes went dark, and he fell straight to the bed. His head hit the edge of the bed, making a loud bang.

Melissa's face crumpled with the sound. When she heard the sound, she thought it must hurt. She quickly put the book back to the pillow. Suddenly, the door was pushed open. Erin asked anxiously, "Miss Melissa, are you okay? Did you fall down? Did you break your bones? "

Erin searched every doctor's office on this floor, but still didn't see any doctor.

Erin had never worked at the intensive care unit before. When she took care of Melissa, she just went straight to the ward when she arrived at the hospital. Normally, Briana would deal with everything, and Erin didn't have to do anything.

There was no one in Melissa's ward, so Erin didn't know if it was normal that she didn't see a doctor or a nurse on the whole floor.

She thought that Melissa had been lying on the bed for a long time, and it was understandable that Melissa wanted to go out to bask in the sun. It was the first time that Melissa had asked her for anything. Thinking that the high salary, she wanted to satisfy Melissa anyway, so she went downstairs to borrow a wheelchair.

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