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   Chapter 311 Reward

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It was enough for Briana to be proud in her circle for thirty years.

But Briana didn't expect that George was such a cold person. He was cold to his parents, and even ignored his only sister.

'George is so cold to his own family. What about Melissa? If Melissa was really with him, or even married in the future, what if George changed his mind? Would he treat Melissa the way he treated his parents and ignored his sister?'

Briana didn't dare to bet. She only had one daughter, Melissa. She hoped that she could find a suitable husband for Melissa, instead of letting Melissa live in distress for the rest of her life.

"Have you finished your talk?" Briana asked the three men to leave.

As her family members, Briana would call Hiram and Moore later and explain it to them. Now her main target was George. She wanted to completely expel George from Melissa's sight.

"If you're done, let Melissa have a rest first. She had a lot of things to deal with the other day, so she didn't have a good rest."

Hearing Briana's words, George took a look at Melissa. There were clear dark circles under her eyes, and her face was a little yellowish. Indeed, Melissa didn't have a good rest.

Both Hiram and Moore looked at Melissa. They didn't think Melissa was sleepy at all. As for her expression now, it was not strange that every senior high school student was like this.

Although Melissa thought it was inappropriate for Briana to say that, she couldn't embarrass her mother. Moreover, she really didn't want to listen to Hiram anymore.

Every day she met Hiram at school, Hiram would nag her. Now she was in hospital and didn't go to class, she was still nagged by Hiram.

So Melissa yawned to show that she wanted to sleep.

Moore saw Melissa did want to have a rest, so he told her to have a good rest and not to relax her study in the hospital. When she went back to school, even if her grades were regressed, she couldn't drop too far.

Melissa nodded perfunctorily. She couldn't do anything in bed now, except reading books. Even if Moore didn't mention it, she had to study hard.

Seeing that Melissa was sleepy, George moved his fingers and wanted to say something to her, but when he noticed that Briana was staring at him, he hesitated for a while and didn't say anything. He'd better come to see Melissa next time when Briana was not here.

When the three men walked out of the ward, Hiram took out a cigarette but didn't light it. He directly put it in his mouth and asked George vaguely, "Bro, what's the relationship between you and my cousin? Why does my aunt look at you as if you are a thief? You really have any interest in my cousin?"

"Can't I?" George asked him indifferently. He thought there were not many interesting things in the world, but Melissa was very interesting. He just wanted to protect Melissa like a dog guarding its food.

Startled, Hiram's teeth trembled and the cigarette was broken from the filter. Hiram counted whether his cousin was fifteen years old this year.

After counting, he found that Melissa had passed her eighteen-year-old birthday. It seemed that Melissa didn'

Now she was lying on her side, but she didn't dare to challenge some difficult movements. And everything was the same as usual. She couldn't get off the ground. It still hurt if she exerted force. But she could sit for a while occasionally.

When she found that she could sit down and the doctor said that she was fine, she was not satisfied to stay in the ward all the time. She wanted to go out to bask in the sun. If she didn't get some sunlight, she would think that she had no energy left.

Although she didn't work hard since Melissa was born, Briana was still considerate to help Victor. She also invited some of Victor's friends and business partners' wives to go out from time to time. She tried to bring them closer together, not just a cold partnership.

This time, when Melissa was in hospital, not only did Victor distract his attention, but also spared some time to accompany his daughter in the hospital. Briana hadn't contacted anyone for a long time. She took food to and fro in the hospital all day long, just like an ordinary housewife.

Two months later, Melissa's condition had stabilized. After getting along with Erin for such a long time, Briana was finally relieved. Only then did Briana have the mood to ask her friends out for a chat and dinner.

In the afternoon, there were only Melissa and Erin in the ward. Melissa was reading on the bed, while Erin was sitting quietly next to her, occasionally handing Melissa a glass of water or something.

In fact, Erin had an easy job. Melissa could eat by herself. Before Melissa took a shower and went to the bathroom, Briana had always been there for Melissa. In the past, Briana had only asked Erin to help Melissa, not to let Erin really serve Melissa.

Now that Melissa had recovered well, she could take a shower and go to the bathroom by herself, so what Erin needed to do was to accompany Melissa in the ward.

It was easy for Erin to accompany Melissa. Melissa spent most of her time reading books and playing with her cell phone occasionally. Erin just prepared three meals a day and cleaned the ward.

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