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   Chapter 310 Visit A Patient

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Hearing that, the corners of George's mouth twitched uncontrollably. 'Good girl? How could Melissa be obedient? She pretended to be obedient.' "No, we just got together. And we broke up a few days ago."

"Is that so?" Hiram still had a skeptical attitude towards George. 'Melissa doesn't seem to be a playful woman, and the man in front of me doesn't seem to have no feelings for Melissa. Bah! What was I thinking? Melissa is still young.'

"You don't have to ask Mrs. Briana for confirmation. She knows our relationship." The cigarette in George's hand was a little soft. He knew that if he played a few more times, the cigarette would be broken.

'Only an old man could put it in such a euphemistic way.' Hiram sneered in his heart. "It's good that you know it. Fortunately, Melissa was not cheated."

The cigarette suddenly was broken with a strong force from George's hand. The tawny tobacco came out of the cigarette and fell on George's hand. The corners of George's mouth twitched. 'The person who asked Melissa to follow me was Mrs. Briana from the very beginning.'

Without any interest to continue, George stood up and threw away the cigarette. When he opened the door and wanted to go out for a cigarette, he saw Briana coming back with lunch.

"Auntie." George walked over to help Briana carry the bags, but Briana dodged by instinct. For a moment, the two of them were a little embarrassed.

"Let's go inside." Briana broke the silence first and bypassed George to the ward.

When she started their own business with Victor, Briana had experienced all kinds of embarrassing situations. She had more than 10 ways to avoid the embarrassing situations perfectly. But she couldn't. She didn't want to let Melissa continue to be with George, so she couldn't be more considerate to George, giving him an illusion that he and Melissa still could be together.

"Why are you here today, Mr. George?" In fact, what Briana wanted to ask more was why George was here. 'Didn't Melissa say that he wouldn't come here anymore?'

Taking out another cigarette from his pocket, George pinched it back and forth. "I'm not very busy in the company recently, so I come here to have a look."

"I see." Briana made up her mind, "In fact, there's nothing wrong with Melissa. Thank you for your help, Mr. George. Let's have dinner together when Melissa leaves the hospital."

If it was someone else, Briana would definitely say, "Please come." But this was George. Briana only hoped that George had no time to participate.

"Okay, I will." George pinched the cigarette in his hand several times. He was hesitating whether he should say goodbye or go to the ward to see Melissa.

But even if he went to see Melissa, he couldn't talk to her. There were so many people in the ward...

With a hard pinch, the second cigarette was broken and thrown into the trash can. Then, George followed Briana in. Even if he couldn't talk to Melissa, he also wanted to see her. He wasn't the only one who looked at Melissa, but Melissa also looked at him.

Briana greeted Hiram and Moore for a while. Then she pu

nfidently argued with Hiram.

Every time a word popped out of Melissa's mouth, George would smile more happily. No matter which word it was, it was always to describe him.

"You crazy girl!" Before Hiram could say anything, Briana had already slapped Melissa on the back. 'There are so many people in the room. How dare she talk like this? Did she lose her memory because of illness?'

"Ouch!" Melissa gave a weird howl and finally stopped saying that. She knew why her mother slapped her. In her opinion, except for the new care worker, everyone in the room knew her true face.

Since Hiram grew up together with Melissa, Hiram had always known what kind of person Melissa was. Moore was not only Melissa's head teacher, but also a good friend of Hiram. Moore had helped Melissa many times, he also knew Melissa's nature. And no matter how hard Melissa pretended to be in front of Moore, Hiram had definitely told Moore everything about her.

As for George, he was beaten up by Melissa the first time they met. In addition, later, George seemed to have a tendency of being a masochist, the more Melissa beat him, the tighter he clung to her, so Melissa didn't need to care about what he thought any more.

As for Erin, she was just a passer-by in Melissa's life. As long as Melissa didn't go out of line, Erin wouldn't have a deep impression on her. After all, Erin took care of so many people every year. Melissa shrugged. She didn't know what her mother was worried about.

Of course, Briana was worried about George.

At this moment, Briana had a mentality that she must draw a clear line with George. The more she knew George, the more reluctant she was to let her daughter be with him.

A few weeks ago, Briana only knew that George was an outstanding young entrepreneur. She knew that if her daughter was with him, her daughter would never lack money for the rest of her life. Wherever she and Melissa went, she and Melissa would be especially respected.

The man, who was chased by so many girls, had a crush on her daughter and came to propose.

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