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   Chapter 309 Recruit A Care Worker

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However, Jared could feel that Melissa's angry face would obviously make him feel warmer. 'It's so weird!'

Feeling a headache, Melissa put her hand on her forehead. 'What should I do? I really want to have a new follower. I have already felt Jacqueline's disdainful gaze more than once. Jared is not only stupid, but also humiliated. I don't want him anymore.' "Don't go too far. Just lose Cody's homework and break his stool. It's not a big deal."

"Well, that's okay." Jared rubbed his hands with expectation. "I know all these!"

'I played tricks on others a few years ago. It is absolutely easy for me. At this time, I would definitely make Cody cry!'

Finally, Jared understood. Jacqueline took out her notebook and compared it with the examination materials. She intended to give a lesson to Melissa before leaving, but was refused by Melissa.

"You can go back first. It's late now. Anyway, I have a lot of time to stay in the hospital every day. I'll read by myself later. You can go first. Go back to read books and go to bed early. Only today can you have a rest after a week. "

"Ha ha, boss, I don't want to read. I want to stay here with you for a while." Jared leaned over, but Melissa shouted, "Get out of here! You're so stupid. I have a headache when I see you. "

"Boss..." Jared, a fat man about 1.7 meters tall, pretended to be aggrieved. Jacqueline adjusted her glasses and thought it was incredible.

"Let's go, Jared. Let her have a rest too. Today's matter is too troublesome. We can still make it to our home for lunch if we go back now."

Hearing that, Jared stopped pestering. 'My boss was a patient. She should have a good rest.'

Jacqueline followed Jared out of the hospital and got on the bus. Through the transparent glass window, she saw the indistinct face of Jared on the glass. She suddenly understood why Melissa disliked him so much and was still willing to accept him as her follower.

Jared was a very serious man, but he was very stubborn. Just like this time, others had to hesitate and think about whether to fight or not.

But Jared didn't care who was on the other side and whether he could defeat his opponents or not. He just wanted to avenge Melissa, so he rushed forward regardless of any consequences.

After thinking for a while, Jacqueline thought that none of the people she accepted could do this for her. Once she couldn't speak in the student union, they would probably run faster than anyone else, and the boundary was clearer than anyone else.

Well, it happened that Jacqueline herself was also such a person.

After Jared and Jacqueline left, the ward became quiet again. Melissa rubbed her aching temples and fell asleep. 'It was so tiring to talk to Jared.'

Seeing that Jacqueline and Jared came out, Briana stood up and saw them off. She didn't come out to see off other students of Melissa before. She knew Jared and Jacqueline, who had a good time with Melissa, so she only sent them to the gate of the elevator.

When she entered the room again, she saw that Melissa had fallen asleep.

The care worker hi

I couldn't be cold to him either in public or in private. But what's the relationship between this man and Melissa?'

"Hello." Instead of reaching out his hand to Moore, George just nodded at Moore. He shook hands with Hiram because Hiram was Melissa's cousin. Their relationship was obvious to be intimate. But there was no need for George to reach out his hand to Melissa's head teacher first.

"Hello." Moore was not a person good at dealing with people, and he didn't think George was good. So he only nodded and replied, "Hello."

The only connection between the three men was Melissa, who was sleeping soundly on the bed. The care worker didn't allow anyone to wake Melissa up, so Hiram took a chair aside and used his mobile phone to make slides.

Moore had almost finished dealing with the school affairs. He also took out his mobile phone, sat on the chair and began to browse the forum. Compared with the other two men, George was much more bored. He stared at Melissa and his mind was empty.

When Erin sent George the message, she told him that Melissa was asleep. He missed Melissa so much. The only thing he didn't expect was that there would be someone else. He had planned to sneak a glance at Melissa and then leave. But now... Now that someone had seen him, it was meaningless for him to leave secretly. Instead, he stayed here and waited for Briana to come back, so as to clear the suspicion that Erin reported him.

"But, Mr. George, what's your relationship with Melissa?" After dealing with the matter in his hand, Hiram asked George.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend." Taking out a cigarette box from his pocket, George took out a cigarette and pinched it in his hand. "Ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend."

Hiram's two eyebrows twitched. 'What he said is far from reliable. Last time, he said that he was Melissa's fiance, but this time he said he was Melissa's ex-boyfriend. Was it so easy for him to take advantage of Melissa?' "Oh, really? I didn't expect that a good girl like Melissa would fall in love with someone at an early age."

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