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   Chapter 307 Investigation

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The school was not in favor of separating student-athletes from ordinary students. Some of student-athletes were interested in and talented in sports, while the rest were not able to enter the university. But their family wanted them to get a good university offer, so they were allowed to study sports.

This group of students didn't have much interest in learning, so it was difficult to discipline them in class. Therefore, they were assigned to different classes. One or two of them would go to the same class, and no one dared to affect other people's learning in the class. But if those student-athletes were all in the same class, it was obvious that the teacher couldn't teach the class.

What's more, student-athletes also needed literacy scores. If they could be influenced a little with ordinary students, it was naturally the best for them to improve their grades. If they were gathered together, not to mention being influenced, they would affect each other and drag each other down.

If the deputy monitor had been here today, she would quarrel with Kelly. Of course, it was also in this regard. The classmates didn't inform the deputy monitor of their arrival today, but followed Kelly directly. When visiting the patient, the atmosphere should be more harmonious. If the classmates had put the two opponents together, wouldn't they make trouble?

"I've told you that Cody didn't do it on purpose. I'm sure that Melissa won't mind." The one who spoke was Cody's deskmate. She was also a class official in Melissa's class. In fact, it didn't matter whether she would come or not.

But she came here today for her own selfish motive. Someone in the class wanted to kick Cody out under the name of Melissa. Now Cody was called back by his father, just like being kicked out of the class. She believed that if she didn't get a trump card from Melissa today, Cody would definitely not be able to turn the tables.

Hearing that Melissa didn't mind it at all but felt a little pity, Cody's deskmate seemed to have finally found her teammate. She squeezed past several classmates in front of her and came to Melissa's bed.

"As Cody said, although he threw the ball, he didn't know where you were. You fell down because of fear. He thought it wouldn't be too serious, so he didn't take it seriously. He didn't mean it."

Hearing her words, Melissa smiled. 'No matter whether he did it on purpose or not, it was true that I was hurt. After doing something wrong, Cody did not regret at all. On the contrary, it was even more annoying that he thought that I was clinging to him.

But it was more disgusting for someone to use Jared to deal with all the student-athletes because of my absence.'

"I know he didn't mean it." Melissa knew clearly which side she should stand on. 'Cody made my fall. It should be my problem with Cody. There was no need to raise the contradiction between student-athletes and ordinary students. T

"What did you ask me to do last time?" Jared scratched his head, "Didn't I bring you a book?" Jared lifted his huge schoolbag at the end of the bed, "How about I open it now to see if I bring it wrong?"

Melissa was speechless with anger, covered her head and turned her head around. 'I'm so angry that I want to hit Jared!

"I'm asking you, how did you beat Cody last time?" 'If I am unable to move now, I must jump up and beat Jared up. I really hope that one day I could beat Jared up and make him smart.'

"Oh, you said that." Jared put down his schoolbag, "Hey, Melissa, you don't know how hateful Cody is. I just called someone to beat him up, only to find that he had already been surrounded and beaten up. Five on one, he was beaten up miserably. At that time, I thought he was my classmate of our own school. I saw him so miserable and we were all at the gate of the school, I couldn't help but see him get beat up, so I..."

"So he helped Cody beat the others away."

Jacqueline stole his words, but Jared didn't get angry. He looked at Melissa happily, waiting for Melissa to praise him.

Melissa was about to be discouraged. She was speechless. 'Jared didn't beat Cody. Instead, he helped Cody. Didn't he think it was not enough trouble for me?'

Melissa clenched her fists. 'I really want to...' She hit the pillow hard with her fist. "Do you know who did it?" Melissa asked Jacqueline. She didn't expect that Jared could do anything good without her.

"I don't know. I haven't found it out." Jacqueline adjusted her glasses. Most of her power was in the school, and within the scope of the school, she could be said to be omnipotent. Once she went out of the school, she could do nothing.

Although she had tried her best to find out the truth, Jacqueline still couldn't find any useful information.

"Do you mean who hit Cody?" Jared was unwilling to be ignored, so he interrupted, "I know. He was taught a lesson by Samuel."

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