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   Chapter 306 Arrangement

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Since George stayed, there was no need for Aimee to move in. Someone would watch over Connor and prevent him from gambling, and someone would take care of him.

Standing between the two of them, Caleb felt that the two hands of Aimee and Connor had loosened a little. Knowing that there was a chance, Caleb adjusted his glasses and slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

"I'll go to see if there is a house for rent later. Boss will live here during his study. I'll report to him from time to time about the company's affairs." This sentence was said to Aimee, indicating that she could tell him what happened if she had any inconvenience to say to him in front of Connor.

Aimee and Caleb looked at each other and the two laughed.

"Well, come here and let me see you." 'In order not to let Aimee come over, I would accept this boy. By that time, it would depend on himself how much he could learn. Anyway, I have no energy to teach him by hand-holding.'

George found the right martial arts coach without any trouble. And Melissa's ward had been rearranged.

Of course it was an intensive care unit, but it had been moved to a corner in another direction. Even if Melissa didn't mention it, the hospital knew that Melissa had to keep a distance from Stephen. Otherwise, if Stephen went to Melissa's ward to have an attack again, the hospital would be unable to explain it clearly.

As compensation, the hospital gave Melissa a big room. There were two beds in the ward. One was for the patient, and the other was for the family. The curtain was used to separate the two beds, and the patient's bed was inside and the family's bed was outside. With a certain degree of privacy, it would be safer.

After making sure that Melissa had been settled in the hospital, George left. He planned to invite the other shareholders of the hospital to have a gathering and talk about this matter.

Victor left after Melissa settled down. It was not that he didn't worry about his daughter, but that he couldn't do anything in the hospital, and he needed to take charge of his company.

In the evening, Michelle asked someone to bring a new phone and a new SIM card to Melissa. Holding the new phone in her hand, Melissa had a complicated feeling.

Even Victor and Briana didn't notice that Melissa's phone had been destroyed. On the contrary, Michelle found it first.

As soon as she turned on her phone, a lot of messages popped up in Melissa's QQ mailbox, including Jacqueline's, Jared's and the monitor, Kelly Luo's.

Melissa first read the message from the monitor, Kelly Luo, saying that she would bring classmates to visit Melissa tomorrow and ask Melissa if it was convenient. Melissa replied with the word "convenient", closed the QQ mailbox and then logged in QQ.

"Melissa, are you sure that there is nothing wrong with Jared's brain?" This was the last message from Jacqueline three hours ago.

"What happened?" Melissa didn't know what stupid things Jared would do when she was not at school. Then she checked the message from Jared.

It was normal. Jared complained to her at school sometimes. He said that the classes were too boring, students snored in

to attack student-athletes. This time, Melissa was injured and gave them a good opportunity. Besides, Jared, one of Melissa's followers, was also a good weapon.

When she went back to school, Melissa didn't know what the student-athletes would do to her. Student-athletes were much more mentally active than the ordinary students who always sat in the classroom and hit the books all day long. Even if the school had ordered student-athletes not to conflict with ordinary students easily, they were all more than 10 years old. When they were hot-blooded, could they could control themselves?

Jared lowered his head, almost burying it in his chest.

Melissa withdrew her gaze from Jared. Instead of withdrawing her hand from Kelly Luo's hand, she grabbed Kelly Luo's hand and asked, "Has Cody been driven out? Why? He's so handsome. How can I hate him? I have to take a look at him before class every day. He's so energetic! It's a pity that he was kicked out of our class.

Well, Kelly, do you know which class he is in? I don't know if I can transfer to his class. If I take the initiative to be friends with him, will he allow me to be friends with him for the sake of my fall? I've been drooling over his face for a long time. " Melissa pretended to like Cody very much.

The others couldn't bear to look at Melissa when they saw her like this. 'Melissa has always been aloof before. When did she like Cody? Why didn't she have a special feeling for Cody before? Did she fall in love with him after he hurt her? Melissa is a masochism?'

With this conjecture in their minds, everyone got goose bumps. They all shook their heads in disbelief. 'Melissa must have some secrets.'

Others couldn't guess what Melissa was thinking, and Kelly Luo couldn't either. But she knew that Melissa didn't want the student-athletes to be separated from ordinary students.

'That's enough.' Kelly Luo smiled. She came here today just to get this sentence. As long as Melissa didn't care, no matter how fierce the others were, it was useless. Maybe there was still a chance for the student-athletes to have another shift.

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