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Aimee nodded her face and said, "I don't know when they can really implement the policies one by one."

Looking at the road ahead, Caleb heard a little complaint from Aimee and comforted her, "Everything is fine now, isn't it? It's better to pay by Township Committee than to let each household pay by themselves. "

Aimee didn't deny it. In the past few years, it had indeed been much better than before. 'The road has been repaired and some pollution-free enterprises have been introduced. Everyone's life has indeed been much better.' she thought.

George looked at the two rows of trees along the road, which were neatly arranged, and the short vegetables on the ground. The clean green looked refreshing. He wanted to take Melissa here to have a look. He saw the scenery here, and then recalled the urban area. Suddenly, he felt that the life in the urban area was too depressing.

After driving into the mountain for another more than 10 minutes, Aimee signaled for Caleb to stop by the road. The three got off the car. Aimee waved at the two men and walked towards an old house on the roadside.

This house was not a small one. It was an old house that was very common decades ago. It was made of huge and thick bricks. It was only one floor, but it was about the same height as the small one with two floors next to it.

Part of the gate was sunken in and two sides protruded out. Part of the gate was a big wooden door more than two meters high inside, and the other part was a small door more than one meter high outside.

Standing at the door, George could see more than 10 children in the hall, clenching their fists and doing their squat.

He didn't know whether their postures were standard or not, but he knew that their postures should be horse steps.

"Grandpa, I'm back!" Aimee shouted at the door. Her voice full of vital energy. The children squatting in the hall all turned their heads in unison, with obvious joy on their faces.

Aimee didn't care about those children. These children were all from the village. If they didn't go to school, their parents would leave all the children to her grandfather. It was equivalent to asking her grandfather to help look after the children.

Aimee didn't care about the countryside people who were greedy for petty advantage. Anyway, her grandfather liked children very much. As long as there was no big problem, she could satisfy her grandfather.

Aimee walked to the small door, and pulled out a bolt from the door with one hand, and opened the door and entered the living room.

The living room's floor had been filled with cement under the insistence of Aimee. It was not like the first time she came here. It was yellow mud. The man who decorated the ground finally added a layer of cement on it in order to look good. Therefore, it was much smoother than the ordinary cement ground, and the color was dark blue. It looked very beautiful.

The grandfather of the Hua family, Conrad Hua, was swaying on the rocking chair in the room. Hearing the voice of his crazy girl, he had a smile on his face

easy-going as he looked. He had a good idea. Besides, with the skills he had just shown, his boss would have to learn for several months.

"Sir, please take it as an elder student in your class." Caleb didn't know that Conrad took care of a child because he was bored. Conrad taught things as he liked, and the children who came to class were more free. They didn't have any class at all. "Our boss doesn't need you to take more time. He will listen to you when you teach him. It's easy to teach him."

Caleb didn't know why his boss wanted to learn how to grab, nor did he know if his boss had ever practiced kungfu. Talent, bone or something like that, was something mysterious. Anyway, he did not understand, but his boss was smart. He might not be able to learn by himself. What if it was a group of people, and the others were all little children?

It must be very troublesome for Conrad to teach a child. His boss would not be so troublesome as a child. At least, it was impossible for him to teach the boss for several times.

"Grandpa, how about I move here to accompany you tomorrow? It's not far from the city anyway. I can go to work as early as I get up in the morning." After thinking for a while, Aimee was still worried that Conrad would go out to make a bet with others. What if he lost something at such an old age?

The more Aimee thought about it, the more serious she felt. Her two thin eyebrows frowned together. "No, I'll call my father right now and ask him to bring my things here."

"No, No." Conrad grabbed Aimee, "Are you going to get up at four o'clock in the morning from here? No way! "

Even when she was a child, he didn't want Aimee to get up so early. Girls just needed to sleep more and look better. Lack of sleep hurt her body.

"I don't want to leave you alone here!" Aimee grabbed Conrad's withered hand. "I told you to hire a nanny for you, but you refused..."

"Don't worry, Miss Aimee. Just let our boss learn kung fu from Conrad here. Our boss will hire a nanny." Caleb hinted them in a calm tone.

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