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   Chapter 304 Responsibility

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The person in charge heard Melissa's cold voice and thought that something bad was going to happen. He didn't believe that a more than 10 year old high school student could hide her emotions.

Her voice was so cold that he had to say something. The person in charge thought about what he should say to tickle her itch.

When he was called here from the office to have a talk, the person in charge knew that the final decision was still made by the little girl in front of him. As long as the patient agreed, everything would be fine.

"Dr. Huang also felt that your body is steadily recovering and there will be no problem, so he did not pay much attention to your call bell." The person in charge deliberately blurred the medical ethics and professional ethics.

As a doctor who started to work decades ago, can you expect him to know any professional ethics? There was still medical ethics, but medical ethics...

The person in charge sighed in his heart. This thing was really that different people had different views. It was hard to say.

"What about other doctors? Is there only one doctor on the whole floor? " Melissa didn't deny what the person in charge said. Since the doctor thought that the patient could recover steadily without too much effort, why did she still stay in this hospital?

The reason why she didn't leave the hospital was that her bones hadn't grown well and she needed a professional to take care of her. However, the professional said that she was steadily recovering and didn't need to be taken care of.

There were only a row of question marks in Melissa's mind.

This hospital might be poisonous!

"Other doctors..." The man wiped the sweat on his forehead, leaving a wet mark on his white clothes.

Dr. Huang was a senior doctor with rich medical experience. Besides, he had a strong background and was appointed as the head doctor. When it was his turn to be on duty, the entire intensive care unit was up to him. If he really wanted to delay Melissa's time, no one would come up to her. After all, for other doctors, it was better for them not to offend the superior compared to patients.

If they offended the patient, something might happen. It was not the first time that the patient was unwilling to look into it. However, if they did anything to offend Dr. Huang, there were still a lot of people who were willing to worry about him first. It was not a big deal to make trouble for people that offended Dr. Huang.

"Other doctors might have been busy at that time." After saying that, the person in charge closed his eyes tightly. 'Oh my God! What on earth is he talking about?'. The man in charge bent down more.

"What a coincidence!" Said Melissa indifferently. She turned around to look at the person in charge. About half a minute later, she opened her mouth slowly. "Why don't you think about how to explain it to me?"

"For the first time, they let a person who is hostile to me in. For the second time, they allowed a psychiatric patient to come to my ward and smash things." The more Melissa said, the calmer she became. But the more she behaved like this, the more restless the person in charge was. The person i

that transferring to another hospital was not a good idea, and it was not a good thing to have the worse relationship with the hospital. It was not good for her to go to a new hospital and have all kinds of tests again.

Besides, Michelle was an elder. How could she treat an elder in this way?

Michelle didn't take her words seriously and didn't stop.

Seeing that Michelle had left, Melissa was still unhappy. She felt that her attitude didn't get any attention from the hospital, which made her more dissatisfied.

George didn't know that his girlfriend's impression of his mother had changed. He was on his way to a martial arts school with Caleb. It was said that it was the biggest martial arts school in the city.

After leaving the city, they drove along the national highway for more than an hour and turned into a fork in the road.

It was a country style. The houses were all black tiles and white walls. When George was still wondering where there were tiles of the same color, he found that the tiles were not real old ones, but new ones for decoration.

The roof structure with low sides and high middle was the most typical house in the south It was rainy all the year round in the south. Such a roof was good for draining the rain.

"The houses here were almost the same as those in the urban area. They were also small bungalows. But two years ago, when we started the new countryside, the Township Committee asked us to make all the houses in this way." Aimee pointed at the house by the road.

This road was newly built and there was no traffic, so she dared to stretch out her hand. "The Township Committee pay for the cement bricks and other workers, but not each household.

It looks good from such a distance, but it will be a little ugly if it is closer. " Aimee placed her elbow by the window and supported her head with her hand.

"The white ash on the wall is not applied evenly. They look very ugly. As for the roof, the tiles are nailed with pegs. Each house only gives you so many tiles. In order to save materials, they are sparsely nailed. They will leak when it rains. "

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