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   Chapter 303 Transfer To Another Hospital

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Why didn't any of the doctors show up today? And she had pressed the call bell in the ward before. Did the doctors all go to the toilet?

"Melissa, why are you here? Who brought you out? " Briana went downstairs and bought some fruits. When she came back, she found her daughter lying in the nurse station instead of the ward.

"Hello, Mrs. Ji." The nurses around Melissa immediately stood up and bowed to Briana. "A patient ran into Miss Melissa's room just now, so our head nurse took her out."

"Someone went to our room. Why did Melissa come out?" Briana had followed Victor from a poor family to a rich and powerful family for most of her life. No matter what she did, the first thing she thought was why she gave in.

As soon as she finished her words, a bang at the door came from the ward behind. Briana turned around and saw the room number. It was the one that Melissa lived in.

"What happened?" Briana frowned tightly.

"Why is there such a dangerous patient in the hospital? Most importantly, why did that patient run out and come to my daughter's ward? What if something happens to my daughter?" Briana raised her eyebrows and her voice was so excited that it was torn apart.

This was her only daughter!

"Mrs. Ji..." A nurse was not a match for Briana. She was too scared to speak.

Melissa wouldn't ruin her mother's reputation at this time, and she was also dissatisfied with this hospital. She pressed the call bell two times, but none of them came in time.

It was lucky that a patient helped her by accident for the first time. This time, it was the head nurse who took her out in a dangerous way, but none of the doctors had appeared from beginning to end. The call bell she pressed was to her attending doctor, not a nurse. Did those doctors think that she didn't need to be looked after anymore? Then why was she still in the hospital?

"Mom, go and ask them if I can leave the hospital. If I can't, I can transfer to another hospital." Melissa covered her mouth with one hand and yawned. Without her cell phone, lying here was so boring that she felt sleepy, but she couldn't fall asleep.

What she said was just to put pressure on the hospital. Wasn't it always like this to haggle over the price? First, keep the price down, and then make a concession and talk about it slowly. She just wanted to show her attitude now. She might not have to live here. Even if it was a little troublesome to transfer, she could do it.

Seeing the anxious expressions on the faces of the nurses standing next to her, Melissa stretched out her hand and yawned again. She was really sleepy.

The nurses didn't know whether what Melissa said was true or not, but they knew that the patient was really dissatisfied with them. They didn't know how much their bonus would be deducted this month, and their beautiful faces were full of bitterness.

If the patient was transferred because they didn't take good care of her, they would have no bonus. The patient's attitude was directly associated with their salary. Who else could not be anxious?

If it weren't for her mother, the nurses would have rus

good result. He didn't understand what the older doctor on duty did. The doctor should hide in the dean's office at the first time when something happened instead of going out to solve the problem.

The person in charge had cursed the older doctor many times in his heart, but it was hard to vent his hatred. The older doctor must have something to do with the hospital. Otherwise, why did he become the head of the intensive care unit? When something happened, he immediately run to the dean's office instead of hiding.

If the matter was not handled well today, the head doctor would probably be transferred to another floor, and his own position would definitely be removed.

Thinking of this, the person in charge bent down more, and his head was oily because of sweat.

After entering the lounge of the nursing station, the person in charge asked all the nurses inside to leave. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and began to explain to the Ji family in detail.

"The doctor on duty in today's intensive care unit is Doc. Huang, an old doctor in our hospital. He has been a doctor for decades, with rich experience and good character."

"What about medical ethics and professional ethics? Do doctors decades ago value medical ethics?" Melissa said indifferently, but her tone was a little aggressive.

The two negligence of the hospital had made her unable to convince herself with two words 'by accident'. It was such in the intensive care unit, so what about the general ward? If she lived in such a hospital which was so negligent to the patient, would she be hurt for two times and could she get good treatment?

Melissa didn't show her true emotions. Her tone was so calm but it couldn't be described as good. If her parents and George's mother weren't here, she would have asked the person in charge to come over and question him.

As for the image of a lady, a doctor who didn't have much contact with her life, what could he do even if she exposed her true face? Could he still keep her in mind? Could he tell the people around her that she was not a lady?

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