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   Chapter 266 I Don't Know

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Lauren was about 1.65 meter tall, with a fair face and delicate facial features. Her black straight hair reached her waist like black satin. Her pure temperament was similar to that of Becky.

Unlike Becky, who was so beautiful and eye-catching, in the words of the Internet, Lauren had a face of first love of the public.

Clean, delicate and elegant.

Lauren looked like a socialite from a rich family from her every look and smile. Obviously, she was also a spoiled girl.

...It was hot in summer in T City.

The sun was scorching hot, and even the flowers and trees outside were baked weak and dying by the scorching sun.

The campus of QY International High School was empty. The shadow of the basketball rack on the playground was on the ground, and there was only a lonely grey mark. There was no one outside.

There were two reasons. One was that it was time for class, and the other was that the weather was too hot.

The temperature of the ground was so high that it could almost boil an egg. No one would be willing to leave the air-conditioned classroom.

On the platform, the foreign language teacher was reading the text in front of the textbook. Her gentle voice unconsciously alleviated the heat brought by the weather.

With one hand supporting her head on the desk and a pencil in her right hand, Lauren was absorbed in the white paper on the desk.

Obviously, she was not listening to the class.

Outside the window, there were chirps of cicadas, one after another, somewhat noisy.

The sky was cloudless with only pure and slightly transparent blue.

Lauren was in a daze for a while. When she came to her senses, she quickly drew the inspiration she had captured on the paper.

With a few strokes, smooth lines appeared, which was unique to the first draft of fashion design.

Although it was not obvious.

As the daughter of Becky, a super famous model, and Darrow, the CEO of l Z International Corporation, it was a pity that Lauren didn't want to enter the entertainment circle, nor did she have any interest in company management.

On the contrary, she was more interested in fashion design.

There was an "Echoes" affiliated to l Z International Corporation, and Becky's career was closely related to the clothing industry. Therefore, Lauren's interest was not completely deviated from it.

Of course, Darrow and Becky never asked Lauren to do or become a special person.

Compared with coercion and discipline, they gave Lauren absolute freedom.

On the premise of getting on the right track, they would provide Lauren with the greatest support and help, and be her strongest backers.

There was still more than a month left before Becky's birthday. Lauren had thought for a long time, but she didn't know what gift to give. Finally, she decided to design a dress by herself.

Besides, every year on Becky's birthday in the future, Lauren would send a set of clothes designed by herself.

Just like Darrow gave Becky a star necklace every year, it had a special meaning.

The decision was made, but a week had passed, Lauren still had no idea.

There were only a few l

aged woman was coming for Lauren.

Lauren's good friend, Kelsey Cheng, who was sitting at the back table, reached out her hand and touched Lauren's shoulder. When Lauren turned around, Kelsey Cheng asked in a low voice, "What's wrong, Lauren? Do you know this aunt?" 'Lauren doesn't seem to know this woman.

Obviously, they are not from the same world.'

Sure enough, Lauren shook her head.

Lauren turned around, but the middle-aged woman at the door was still staring at Lauren. The woman's eyes began to cry, looking very sad.

Lauren felt uncomfortable and frowned imperceptibly. Then she asked, "Are you looking for me?" The middle-aged woman was still looking at Lauren with tears in her eyes, as if she wanted to say something.

"Auntie, do I know you?" Lauren asked again.

However, as soon as Lauren finished speaking, the middle-aged woman, who had been silently crying, suddenly burst into tears and shouted at Lauren, "Sunny, my Sunny, I'm your mother." "Wow!" All of a sudden, the classroom was in an uproar and the other students all looked at Lauren.

Lauren's face changed, but she quickly calmed down and said calmly, "I'm sorry. I'm not your Sunny. My name is Lauren Ji." She was Darrow's daughter. She had been influenced by her parents since she was a child. No matter what happened, she could quickly calm down and calmly face it. She could analyze the possible situations and solutions.

It was the same at the moment.

Lauren was sure that she didn't know this middle-aged woman and hadn't seen her either.

But the woman suddenly appeared in the classroom and said she was her mother.

An idea came to Lauren's mind. She looked up at the woman at the door, with more inquiry in her almond eyes.

'It's said that my mother adopted me in the orphanage, and I was abandoned on the side of the road. The patrolling police saw me and sent me to the orphanage.

I don't have any information about my biological parents, including photos and names.

Is this woman my biological mother?' "I know your name is Lauren Ji, the precious daughter of Ji family."

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