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   Chapter 265 The Best Gift

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Becky smiled and kissed him, "Okay." Darrow touched her hair, and paused for a while and asked, "Get up? Or sleep a little longer?" "Get up. Let's go to see Lauren." Said Becky.

They had been busy all day yesterday, and their daughter hadn't seen them for a long time.

If they went on their honeymoon, they would be apart for a long time.

They hadn't separated yet, but Becky was a little reluctant to part with her.

"Okay." Replied Darrow. Then he added, "I've arranged a flight to send them back tomorrow morning. Let's spend more time with her today." "Okay." Becky replied.

Darrow lowered his head and kissed her. Then he sat up from the bed and reached out to pull her.

Becky touched her messy long hair and picked up her phone which she hadn't touched since yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, their wedding ceremony was live broadcast all over the world. It should be very lively.

She wanted to see how the media reported it.

As soon as she turned on the phone, it kept vibrating, and there were many messages from various apps. It seemed that they all wished her a wedding.

She waited for a while before she opened micro-blog.

Darrow lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Then he bent over to help her put on her slippers, and took her to the bathroom to wash.

It had been a night, and the enthusiasm of their wedding had not decreased at all. It was ranked first on the hot search.

Becky calculated that it was at night at home when they held their wedding yesterday.

After a night and half a day, the heat of the wedding hadn't faded away. It could be imagined how eye-catching the wedding was.

Becky was about to click on the top search, but when she turned her eyes, she saw another term hanging below: "Darrow and Becky's daughter.".

She moved her finger down which had already been ready to open the first one to open the following words.

The first one was the video that she found Joyce after she changed her dress yesterday afternoon. The little girl in a red princess dress was held by Jean and she even leaned over to kiss her face. The sweet "mother" was clearly heard.

It was a very famous entertainment reporter who published this microblog. The headline of this micro-blog post was: Darrow and Becky have their two-year-old daughter unexpectedly.

There was a heated discussion in the comment area. Some people said that the child might be a guest's child, who was too young to understand and would call everyone "Daddy" and "mommy".

Some people said that she might be a child of a friend and was Becky's goddaughter, so it was natural to call Becky mommy.

Some of them even talked about the doting look in Darrow's eyes when he held Lauren. They said that if he really had a daughter, he would definitely be a slave for her.

All in all, no one believed that the little girl was really the daughter of Darrow and Becky.

Of course they didn't believe it. It was well known that Becky had an abortion a few months ago.

Even if she didn't have a miscarriage, the baby was still waiting for birth in her womb. How could a two-year-old daughter suddenly appea

osted it on micro-blog with a simple title: "Mr. Darrow, Mrs. Darrow, Miss Lauren." The three appellations were obvious hints.

After sending the post, she raised her head and saw the pampering black eyes of Darrow and the lovely smiling face of her daughter in her arms.

Thinking of this, she lowered her head and edited a new micro-blog post, "Sometimes when God takes something away from you, he will return it to you in another way. So, don't be anxious to blame fate.".

When I was eighteen years old, I met my Mr. Darrow because I ran away from home because of misunderstanding. And I married him yesterday.

When I was twenty-two years old, I lost a child, but I met Miss Lauren.

God has never owed me anything, and fate has never treated me shabbily.

Because they gave me the best luck and the best gift.

As you all know, the former I mean Mr. Darrow. He is the luckiest man in my life.

And the latter I mean Miss Lauren.

She is the best gift from God for me and Mr. Darrow.

Lauren had known that she was not her parents' biological daughter since childhood.

There was no need to be reminded of anything deliberately. In such a family, things could not be hidden.

The news of Becky's miscarriage had spread like wildfire. As long as she had a little investigation, she could find it out.

Therefore, Darrow and Becky didn't hide it from her.

They gave her all their love and care, and treated her as their own daughter. Lauren never thought it was worth her attention and resentment.

In her heart, Darrow and Becky were her biological parents, and the Ji family was her home.

She had never thought of investigating her own background and looking for her biological parents who had abandoned her.

It never occurred to her that her biological parents who had left her on the road would come to her.

...When her biological parents came to her house, Lauren was already sixteen years old.

As the precious daughter of Darrow and Becky, Lauren grew up in a crowd of beauties. At the age of sixteen, she had grown up into a graceful lady.

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