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   Chapter 245 Just Put Up With It

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"Go to bed if you are tired. There are so many people at home. They will take good care of Lauren." He warned.

She hadn't fully recovered, so she still needed to recuperate.

"Okay, I know. Don't worry." Becky nodded, raising her hand to help him straighten his collar. Then she kissed him on tiptoe. "Be careful on the way. Lauren and I will wait for you at home." "Okay." Replied Darrow. His heart, which had been empty for a month, was finally filled up again.

After sending Darrow away, Becky went back to the living room. She sat cross legged on the ground and played with Lauren, while Wendy was with them.

Now Lauren was still not familiar with others. She relied too much on Darrow and Becky, so Wendy had to show up more often in front of her and play with her to get familiar with her, so that she could take care of Lauren.

After a while, a maid came in. She looked at Becky and then at Wendy. After hesitating for a while, she said, "Miss Ye, Wendy, Mrs. Ji is here again." As soon as she finished speaking, Becky's lazy and gentle expression suddenly turned cold.

She would never forgive Emma, the one who killed her child.

Wendy glanced at Becky, who was sitting opposite her, and asked the maid, "Didn't Mr. Ji say that we wouldn't let her in next time? Where is she now? " "No. She is at the door." The maid said, "She said she wanted to see Miss Ye." "No." Becky said coldly.

Hearing this, Wendy frowned and said, "Miss Ye has just come back for less than half a day. How did Mrs. Ji know that Miss Ye has come back?" As soon as she finished speaking, she was stunned for a while.

Noticing that there was something wrong with her, Becky asked, "Wendy, what's wrong with you?"

Wendy looked up at Becky with a serious look and asked, "Miss Ye, have you noticed that Mrs. Ji came to see you every time when Mr. Ji was not here?" Becky was stunned, and so was the maid. Then she said, "Yes, Mrs. Ji has come here three times, and each time is when Miss Ye is at home alone." "One or two times can be said to be a coincidence, but what about the third time? And today, you just came back from B City, but no one knows when you will come back and when you will be home.

Even we only know that you will come back today. " Wendy analyzed, "Mrs. Ji came here last time. She knew you weren't at home.

But why did she come here in time today? It happened that Mr. Ji went to the company. " Becky's eyes narrowed, and the maid beside her guessed first, "Is there someone who tipped her off?" With a sneer on her face, Becky said, "Wendy, go and investigate it.

If there is really such a person, bring him to me. " She wouldn't let him go easily.

The person who indirectly killed her child.

"Okay, Miss Ye." Wendy replied.

"Miss Ye, don't worry. I will handle it well. Take care of yourself." Wendy added.

"I'm fine." Becky's face was st

auren ignored Becky and continued to play.

The new toys in front of her were more attractive than her mother.

"You can go now. It's okay." Wendy added.

"Then I'll go upstairs. If she cries badly, you can call me again." Said Becky. She looked at her daughter who didn't even look at her and smiled. Then Becky stood up and left the children's area quietly without being noticed by Lauren.

The cold wind was blowing outside. Emma was still wearing elegant and noble clothes, and her fox fur collar looked more elegant.

But now she looked less arrogant than before.

She had been standing outside for almost half an hour. Her meticulously coiled hair was a little messy in the wind, and her nose was red with cold. But no one came out to see her.

In fact, her car was parked nearby, but she was unwilling to wait in the car, saying that she was standing outside to show more sincerity.

The maid who helped her inform Becky finally came out of the room. Emma's eyes lit up and she tried to cheer up.

"Mrs. Ji, if Miss Ye says something unpleasant later, you must hold back your anger. Don't make trouble again." Claire whispered to her.

After all, Mrs. Ji and Becky didn't get along well with each other for a few times.

She thought it necessary for her to remind Emma.

If Emma had a fight with Becky again, it would be even more difficult for Emma to get Darrow and Carla to forgive her.

"I see. I'll try my best." Emma said, stamping her stiff feet.

She couldn't make a complete guarantee.

Because Becky was not a good person and she had a sharp tongue.

She might not be completely calm.

"Just put up with it." Claire tried her best to persuade her, "Mr. Darrow and Miss Carla will listen to Miss Ye. If she is willing to forgive you, they will also be fine." "I know." Emma was a little impatient. "I'll return it after the forgiveness." Claire frowned, but said nothing.

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