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   Chapter 243 I Am Her Father

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Becky suddenly turned around and saw Darrow standing at the entrance of the alley, less than three meters away from her.

Darrow stood in the sun. Outside the shirt, he wore a white sweater, straight trousers and a black overcoat. It seemed simple, but the clothes were delicate and noble.

Against the direction of the light, his expression looked very cold. When she looked carefully, she could see the tenderness and attachment in his eyes.

Becky's eyes lit up. She suddenly stood up straight and ran towards him.

Darrow hurried to her and hugged her tightly when she threw herself into his arms. He didn't forget to scold, "You haven't fully recovered. Why are you running? I won't leave. " "Mr. Ji, why are you here?" Becky ignored his complaints and said in a surprised tone.

Last night, Darrow didn't tell her on the phone that he was coming.

And he could find this place.

Andrew stood still and looked at the couple embracing each other in front of him.

The corners of their overcoats collided and intertwined with each other. In the sunshine not far away, half of their shadows were cast, which looked so intimate.

Andrew lowered his head and smiled gently. Then he turned around and walked in another direction without disturbing them.

It was the first time Andrew had seen Darrow in person, but he had to admit that Darrow and Becky were really a perfect match.

Darrow and Becky were the people of the same world. Now that Becky was under the spotlight, she should have such a man by her side. And Andrew, five years ago, had lost the right to love her.

Darrow only glanced at Andrew when he came here just now, and then his eyes fell on Becky again.

They had been apart for more than half a month. He just wanted to have a good look at her. No one else could distract his attention.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Andrew left voluntarily. He withdrew his sight, rubbed Becky's soft long hair, and held her more tightly.

"He is Andrew." In Darrow's arms, Becky explained, "I just came out of the orphanage and met him.

He said he had something to tell me, but there were many people coming and going at the intersection just now. We was afraid of being recognized, so we walked to this corner.

But we haven't been alone for a long time. When I was about to leave, you came. " "Okay." Replied Darrow.

"How do you know we are here?" Becky asked.

"The girl in the restaurant said that." Said Darrow.

After they arrived in B City, they went to XH Restaurant first. Then Leslie said that the Ye Family had come to the orphanage and hadn't returned yet, so they came here.

"Okay." Becky responded and was about to let go of her hands around his neck. "Then let's go back. My parents are waiting for us." "No hurry." Darrow quickly stopped her, with one hand still around her waist and the other holding her hand. He lowered his head and

ed at the newly emerged father and daughter combination in astonishment. "Why is she willing to hug you? Why isn't she crying?" 'We tried our best to win Amber's heart, but failed.

But as soon as Darrow came, she followed him obediently? It didn't make sense?' Holding Amber in one hand, Darrow said to Myron calmly, "Because I'm her father." "You've made a rapid progress in your role." James said with a smile.

No one knew whether what James said only referred to Darrow or the two of them.

Becky stood aside quietly. She was deeply touched when she saw Darrow holding Amber and they smiled at each other.

She looked at them with tears in her eyes.

Her tears didn't fall down, which made her eyes brighter.

Carla turned around and smiled at her. "Becky, how's your recovery?" Then Becky came to her senses, "It's all right. I'm almost recovered." She took a few steps forward and held Carla's arm. "I'm sorry, Carla. I made you so worried about me." "It's okay. Let bygones be bygones." Carlos gently touched her hair, "It's good that you're fine." "Um." Becky replied.

...In the evening, in XH Restaurant.

Bryce and Dylan had been around Amber since they came back from school, curiously looking at their little niece who suddenly appeared.

Obviously, they liked this beautiful little girl very much. They took out toys from their schoolbags and presented them to Amber.

"Amber, let's play with cars together, okay?" Holding a toy truck in his hand, Bryce invited Amber in a childish voice, "Look at my car. It's very beautiful. My mother bought it for me yesterday." "Amber, let me take you to play with the plane model. The plane can fly. Okay?" Not to be outdone, Dylan also took out a small plane, "The plane can take you to the sky and you see the white clouds." However, no matter how her two uncles invited her, Amber didn't pay any attention to them. She lowered her head and played with Darrow's sleeves.

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