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   Chapter 237 Balance Theory

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They were worried about her because she had no news since the accident.

Although they were completely strangers, they were also worried about her in every corner of the world.

[叶星晞] felt warm in her heart. She lowered her eyes and thought for a while. She sent the first micro-blog post since the accident to these people. Although they didn't know each other, they also cared about her fans, which made them feel relieved. "I'm sorry to make you worry about me these days.".

I'm much better now. I'm recovering well, but I still need to rest for a while.

Don't worry. I will take good care of myself, and take medicine and eat regularly. I will get back to previous state as early as possible, and then meet you.

It was just a piece of text, without photos or expressions.

As soon as the words "post successful" appeared on the screen, a few minutes later, the commenting area was attacked by smart fans.

Since she had nothing else to do, she decided to stay on micro-blog and write replies to a large number of comments.

Soon, Myron found out her post. He sent her a private message and asked casually, "Sister Becky? He learned the word "Sister Becky" from Clara. He usually called her "Sister Becky" in a way completely similar to Clara.

Becky smiled and typed one word: Yes.

Myron said," You finally come out of the state of isolation from the world.

How's your recovery? When are you going to come back? Becky: not bad.

She didn't say when she would go back.

She didn't know when she would go back.

Without asking more questions, Myron said, "That's good. Take care of yourself and have a good rest.".

Then he teased her with a smile, "Cherish your vacation without work. You will be busy after you come back.".

He used to compare with Becky to show off who was more relaxed.

Becky didn't realize what he meant, but continued, "Well, I must cherish it and enjoy it.".

After the lunchtime, the tavern became quiet.

Leslie came out of the kitchen, and took off her apron and hung it up. She walked into the counter with a smile, and greeted Becky, and then bent down to drag up the two luggage cases in the corner.

Becky turned to look at her and then at the luggage in her hand. Becky asked doubtfully, "Leslie, where are you going?" "No." Leslie turned around and smiled, "This is what I want to take to the orphanage. It can be pulled in the suitcase, which is more convenient." As she spoke, she pulled up the luggage case's tie rod, and clapped her hands and pulled one with the other hand.

Becky thought for a while and asked, "Are you going to the orphanage now?" "Yes." Leslie nodded, and the ponytail on the back of her head swung slightly with her movements, making a bright arc. "Thank you, Becky." "For what?" Becky asked. "Thank you for supporting our orphanage.

Now the new building of the orphanage is being built

at's right. If it's not expectation, why did they give birth to them and abandon them again?" She also said. Her usually clear voice was tinged with a bit of loss.

Although she had grown up healthily and safely, she had developed a cheerful and generous personality.

But she still couldn't let go of the fact that she was abandoned.

If they didn't want her, then why did they give birth to her? Hearing this, Becky twitched her mouth bitterly and lowered her head slightly to conceal the pain and the sense of loss on her face.

Yes, someone had a child, but she abandoned her child and remained indifferent.

And some people, though full of expectations, could not have babies.

Perhaps this was the balance that the God wanted to maintain. If one poured too much into a certain aspect, one had to use another flaw to make up for it.

Just like her luck in the past twenty-two years and her experience.

Because it was too smooth, too eye-catching.

So God took away her child in return? "A few days ago, a new girl was recruited into the orphanage. She is beautiful, obedient and cute. She is not even two years old." Leslie, who was walking in the front, didn't notice the change of Becky, but continued, "I heard that it was found by the traffic police on the roadside in the west of the city. At that time, the child was sitting on the roadside. I don't know how cruel her parents were to abandon her." When she said this, her emotion contained her heartache and pity for the little girl, and resentment and disgust for irresponsible parents.

What she hated most in her life was the parents who abandoned their children.

"It's all their sins." Said Anna, holding Becky's hand and patting it gently.

Becky forced a smile and told her not to worry.

The dean was still in her room and office. As soon as they walked to the door, they could hear the child's sobbing and the dean's singing and coaxing.

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