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   Chapter 232 I Don't Want To Make An Assumption Either

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"Hello, Clara." Clara turned her head to look at Becky, who was standing next to her with an indifferent look on her face. Then she said, "Yes, it's me." "Sam, I heard that you are also in B City?" Turning to look at the dim road outside the window, Sam smiled and said, "Yes, I'm in B City and now in the XH Restaurant." He said frankly.

Besides, he also knew that since Clara had asked such a question, she must have known that he was here, so there was no need to hide.

"Yes, I heard it from Uncle Ye." Clara continued, "Sam, did you come back for Becky?" After a long silence, Sam nodded and said, "Yes." Clara sighed slightly. When she was about to continue, he said, "Clara, you should know that I like Becky. It has been eight years since high school to university.

Even in the five years of college, I have never contacted her, but my love for her has never stopped. " His tone suddenly became lonely.

In fact, the smile on his face just now also turned lonely.

His shadow was partly hidden and partly visible on the glass window, which contrasted with the cold road and night outside.

The water on the road reflected the light of car lamps and street lamps, and it was still cold.

Clara stopped talking for a while and turned on the speaker to let Becky listen to him.

Becky should have known these things.

"Half a year ago, when I met her in the hospital, I thought about pursuing her again. If I knew the relationship between her and Darrow, there was a little bit of bad, I would not hesitate. " "But it wasn't." "They are good. I even think what the news said is not exaggerated at all."

"So I didn't do anything or say anything else. I was afraid that it would cause her trouble and her boyfriend would be angry with her because of me.

That's why I'm relieved to be an old classmate of hers. I don't even have her phone number, and I never thought of looking for her.

I just want to look at her silently in the distance as before. " "Look at her. She is so brilliant in the entertainment circle and she is on the advertising screen of the city.

I think God is very kind to me, because the person I like is a public figure. At least it won't be said that after the separation of classmates, we may have no chance to meet again in this life." "I can still see her every day. There are many channels in the mall and online to know her recent situation." Clara couldn't help feeling sad.

For his humble love.

But after all, love was like this.

Some people loved each other for a long time, and some people naturally didn't love each other and had no way to struggle.

But after all, this was love and could not be forced.

It's not that you can be pitied and fulfilled just because you humbly beg and willingly give in.

She turned to look at Be

"There is no if." Darrow said this to her at the beginning.

That was what he said when she met Clara again and told him what happened in the past.

He said, "without 'if', you must be mine.".

Whether she was a doctor or a supermodel, she would always be his, but it might be a little late for him to meet her.

At that time, she laughed at him, saying that he was so determined and confident.

But now, she still said the same words as Darrow.

Because she didn't dare to make an assumption that she didn't meet him.

Sam smiled with self-mockery and asked bitterly, "Don't you even give me a chance to make an assumption?" Do you have to be so cruel? This sentence, he didn't dare to ask.

He was afraid that with Becky's attitude, she would answer him 'yes' without hesitation.

"I just feel that this assumption is meaningless." [叶星晞] said, "I don't want to make an assumption that I won't meet Darrow either. "Sam, it's over here. Take back your love for me." She continued, "In fact, what do you like about me? The only intersection between us was that we had been classmates in high school for three years, and we were not very familiar with each other.

We haven't seen each other since we graduated from high school. We haven't contacted each other. What makes you like me for so many years? " "'I'm not very familiar with you' this sentence. It's only for you." Sam said, "I've been paying attention to you since the first time I saw you in my high school. I know you like strawberry and strawberry cake.

You seem to be on good terms with everyone, lively and cheerful, but in fact, only a few of your friends who grew up together with you were your closest friends.

You are a good student and everyone likes you. You are the apple of your parents' and family's eyes. Your parents pick you up and send you to school almost every day.

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