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   Chapter 231 I Have Loved Her For Eight Years

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Anna came in and couldn't help laughing when she saw the two little girls. She asked, "What are you doing? You two sit on the window like two statues, just like the bank or the two stone lions guarding the door of the government office. " Clara came back to her senses and turned around with a smile, "How could we be the stone lions? We should be the beautiful dolls in the window, with the kind that can only be seen and cannot be touched." "Yes, yes, doll." Anna agreed with her.

Becky also turned around, and pursed her lips and called, "Grandma." "Hey, I'm calling you out for dinner. Your father made your favorite carrot corn spareribs soup today." Anna said with a smile.

In order to take care of Becky who didn't want to go out, the kitchen of the Ye family finally came in handy in the past few days.

They walked out of the room together.

It was only six o'clock in the evening, but it was almost completely dark in winter, let alone in the room.

The lights of the Ye family were all turned on early. In the dining room, a small hanging lamp in the shape of white lotus was hung above the table, and the soft and warm light yellow light dyed the whole space.

Peter was still serving dishes, while Helen was placing their bowls and chopsticks at the table.

On the pure white dining table, there were several dishes, delicate and fragrant, full of the smell of human fireworks.

"Come out? Go wash your hands. Your father will finish the last dish. " Helen turned around and said with a smile.

Becky felt like crying suddenly, but she held back the overflowing emotions.

She really couldn't find a reason for her feeling to cry. In the end, she hastily attributed it to her sensitivity and sentimentality recently.

It was just an ordinary scene. As long as she wanted, she could see it every day.

"Okay." She answered in a low voice, and washed her hands with Clara, and came back to sit at the table.

Peter took out the last dish from the kitchen and put it on the table. He took off his apron and put it on the back of the chair. Then he sat down, and picked up the chopsticks and picked up a sparerib for Becky.

"Come on, my dear daughter. Eat more." He said, "You've already lost a lot of weight. If you don't eat more, you'll lose more weight. When Darrow comes to pick you up and sees you, it's my fault for not taking good care of you." Hearing the name of Darrow, Becky paused for a while and then replied softly, "Okay." she obediently ate the sparerib that her father picked up in her bowl.

It was a familiar taste. The meat of spareribs was delicious, and the salty and light taste was just her taste.

Peter smiled, and picked up her favorite fried lotus root and said, "It's different when you grow up. I've said so much, but it's better to mention name of Darrow to make you obedient." His tone was full of tease.


rson. If he likes to wait, just wait." Joanna said.

Becky turned to Clara and said, "Call him after dinner and tell him not to wait. It's just a waste of time." If she said she wouldn't see him, he wouldn't have waited for her.

It was useless to stay any longer.

Clara nodded and said, "Okay."

...After dinner, Clara called Sam as she promised.

Becky sat beside her without saying a word, but she had given all the orders to carry out.

When the phone rang, Sam was still in the XH Restaurant.

He sat near the window, with a bowl of kung pao chicken, a bowl of sour potato, a bowl of crucian carp and bean curd soup and a bowl of rice on the table.

This was his dinner.

During these two days, his lunch and dinner were settled in the XH Restaurant, in order to have a chance to see Becky.

He couldn't explain why he came back to B City with her and stayed with her so willingly, just in order to see her.

Maybe he was just worried about her.

Maybe it was because his heart was out of control again.

Especially when he heard that Becky had an accident and that she was hurt by Mrs. Ji, he had a faint feeling of expectation in his heart.

He inexplicably hoped that the relationship between Becky and Darrow would change because of this.

So when he knew that she left Darrow and went back to B City alone, he ran back without hesitation, overdrawn all his rest next year.

Although he knew in his heart that Becky and Darrow wouldn't really break up, he still couldn't control his excitement.

When Clara's name was shown on the screen, he felt his heart skip a beat, as if the person who called him was actually Becky, whom he had been secretly in love with for a long time, instead of Clara, his schoolmate who had been in touch with each other for four or five years.

What's more, he knew that Clara was with Becky.

Her sudden call was most likely Becky's request.

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