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   Chapter 230 Let Her Have A Good Rest

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Darrow's original plan was to propose to Becky on his birthday this year.

Because four years ago, their relationship was confirmed on this day. From then on, he had trapped her in his palm.

So this year's birthday was also their 4th anniversary.

But unexpectedly, such an accident almost broke Becky down, and Darrow was exhausted both physically and mentally.

Their 4th anniversary was during this accident. On that day, he just held Becky in his arms quietly and lay on the bed in hospital as usual, not mentioning the ring he had hidden in the car.

And Becky didn't even remember to say "Happy Birthday" to him.

In the past, she was always the one who took the initiative.

The birthday of Darrow and Carla was prepared by Becky every year. No matter what kind of activity it was, Becky would arrange it by herself.

And on their anniversary, they celebrated the birthday with others first, and then sneaked off to spend time with each other.

But no one had expected that this year the special and meaningful day would be spent in the hospital, and everyone was in a heavy mood.

"Okay." Replied Myron.

The Design Department of Wedding Dress in "Echoes".

Vivian, David and Edward. Emily, Mary of them bowed their heads in front of their seats to make the final modification and inspection of the design sketch in their hands.

There was not silence in the office.

The sound of the pencil rubbing the paper was completely covered up by the sound of conversation.

Emily bent over the table and finished drawing the wrinkles on the waist of the dress on the drawing in front of her. She picked up the paper and looked at it carefully. Then she turned around and asked David, "David, can you help me check it? Would that be better?" The drawing in her hand showed a bridesmaid's dress, which was an elegant and graceful long dress to the ground, with a small neck and small bowknots decorated on both sides of the waist. It was niftier and more agile.

Hearing the sound, David turned around and took the design from Emily's hand. He looked at it carefully and then returned it to her. He nodded and agreed, "Well, that's great. It's a little eye-catching." His voice was still coquettish, and his fingers were raised in a coquettish way.

"Okay, then I'll make it." Emily said with a smile.

She put the drawing back on the table and stretched lazily.

Finally, she sighed, "I don't know when Becky will come back." Vivian looked up at Emily and lowered her head again. "It won't be long. Mr. Darrow won't let her leave for too long." "I don't know why Becky chose to leave Mr. Darrow, although it's only a short time." Edward said, "Although Mrs. Ji is Mr. Darrow's mother, everyone knows that they don't get along well with each other. It's not Mr. Darrow's fault. He is also innocent." "Becky didn't leave because of Mr. Darrow." From a woman's point of view,

hey came out of "Echoes", Carla turned her head to look at Darrow, who was standing next to her with a cold and aloof expression. The she said, "Rebecca and Sunny came to me this morning and said that they wanted to go to B City to see Becky." "Okay." Darrow replied shortly.

He walked to his car, opened the door of the driver's seat, sat in, and fastened the seat belt. When Carla sat on the passenger seat, he said, "Yesterday afternoon, when Clara returned to B City to call Myron, I happened to be with Myron, so they specially made a video call. Then I saw Becky." His expression was still very calm, looking at the windshield in front of him, and his tone was also very calm.

Carla suddenly felt very sad.

"Becky has never called you?" She asked.

"Let her have a good rest for a while." Darrow just said, "I'll pick her up later."

He added.

He started the car, drove out of the parking lot and merged into the traffic outside.

In the bustling city, they were not particularly conspicuous during their stay.

"That's good." Carla looked out of the car and saw the posters of Becky on the billboard of the skyscraper, who was lively, quiet and smart.

"Peter and others will take good care of Becky." Carla withdrew her gaze and continued, "Becky will be taken good care of at home." "Um." Replied Darrow.

He knew that Becky would get the best care at home, so he let her go.

...It rained for two days and two nights in B City. It finally stopped on the evening of the second day.

The ground was covered with water, which was mottled under the light of the street lamps.

The night wind was very cold in winter.

Becky and Clara sat face to face on the bay window of the room, holding a pillow in their arms, staring blankly at the dark sky outside.

They were really in a daze. Neither of them spoke nor made eye contact with each other. But there was no embarrassment in the silent atmosphere.

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