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   Chapter 228 I Will Come Back To Accompany You

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There seemed to be only such a voice in the world.

Because Becky was surrounded by silence.

Her mother wanted to sleep with her, but she refused.

She didn't want to be with anyone. At this moment, she wanted to be alone.

She tossed and turned for the whole night, but she was still not sleepy at all. She just got up from the bed, put on a coat and sat on the window, staring blankly at the night.

B City was not like T City. After nightfall, the whole city became quiet and dark.

On the top of the tall building, the view she saw now was also different from what she saw in DJ Garden.

Under the attack of the cold air, there were white mists outside, which shrouded the city's buildings in the gloomy night.

Even through the glass, people could feel the chill.

It was already midnight. The temperature had dropped to the lowest level of the day, and the fog was getting thicker.

'I don't know if Darrow's sleeping.'

Becky thought.

She wondered if he could not fall asleep like her.

Since she was not by his side, he must be very busy and go home late.

She took a deep breath and the white fog was imprinted on the glass window.

She raised her hand unconsciously and wrote Darrow's name on the window, with her apology and attachment.

...Sitting lazily on the sofa in the living room of Clara's house and watching Clara packing in and out since she came back from work, Myron finally couldn't help but ask, "Clara, are you going back for a week or a year? You have been packing since you came back from work. You don't need to do so much." His voice was full of resentment.

"Almost done." Clara's soft voice came from the bedroom, "Wait a minute." "Okay." Myron said helplessly.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Clara shouted at Myron in the bedroom, "Open the door. It should be Wendy who sent Becky's luggage here." "Okay." Myron stood up slowly and walked to the door. When he saw the person standing outside through the peephole, he couldn't help raising his eyebrows.

But on second thought, he didn't feel surprised.

When he opened the door, Darrow stood outside and said lightly, "I bring Becky's luggage here." "Come in." Myron tilted his head, signalling to Darrow that he could come in first, and closed the door, "I thought it was Wendy who sent it here." Clara heard the noise and walked out of the bedroom. When she saw Darrow, she just smiled, "Don't worry. I'll help you take care of Becky. I promise to bring back a healthy Becky for you." Darrow slightly smiled and nodded, "Thank you." Clara just smiled.

"There are some daily necessities and some clothes for her to change in the suitcase." Darrow pulled the suitcase in his hand to the front, "Thank you for taking care of her these days. I'll pick her up when she gets better." C

om the window, "Okay."

Becky still didn't look good. She was wearing a pink coral velvet housecoat that her mother had bought for her. The delicate color didn't cover up her weakness.

Becky turned around and walked back to the living room. When she was about to sit on the sofa, the doorbell rang.

Anna, who had just sat down, was about to stand up and open the door. But Becky stopped her, "Grandma, I'll go." Anna thought for a while and let her go.

Becky's wound had healed, and it was okay to walk just a few steps.

It was better than sitting still.

Standing at the gate of Ye family, Clara took Becky's suitcase with one hand and an umbrella with water dripping with the other. Her coat was also stained with thin raindrops, which condensed into frost.

The temperature was very low. Less than ten minutes after she got off the car and went upstairs, she was shivering with cold. She wished she could shrink herself into a ball and avoid the cold wind from all directions.

When Becky opened the door and saw Clara, she was stunned, "Why do you really come back?" She thought what Clara said at that time, "I'll be back in two days to accompany you", was just a casual remark.

"When did I lie?" Clara said. As she got into the room, she put the wet umbrella under the corner of the door and took off her muddy high-heeled shoes expertly. Then she patted her almost frozen face and took a deep breath. "It's so cold. I'm so cold." Anna turned around in the living room and asked with a kind smile, "Is Clara back too?" "Yes, grandma, you are here too." Clara smiled and waved her hand at Anna. Then she turned to look at Becky next to her, and motioned for the suitcase in her hand. "Here, Darrow packed some daily necessities and clothes for you and asked me to bring them back for you. He sent it to my house in person yesterday afternoon." She added.

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