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   Chapter 227 Stop Having Nightmares

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Becky looked down at his receding figure in the rearview mirror.

For more than a week, the stars in her eyes seemed to be annihilated, except for sadness.

It was no longer like the past. As soon as she looked up, it was like a bright river of stars.

Sitting next to her, Maria looked in the direction of her gaze for a long time. Then she sighed slightly and said, "Is he angry?" It seemed that she was sure about it, but it also sounded like a question.

Since Becky said she would go back to B City in the morning, Darrow had never talked to anyone and his face had been very cold.

He still knew anything about Becky, but he just ignored her.

Becky lowered her eyes and looked at the pink crystal peach blossom bracelet that was given to her by Darrow on her wrist. The crystal petals were reflected by the light outside and reflected a few faint lights.

"He is not angry." Becky said softly, "He just blames me for choosing to leave him at this time." She chose to dodge when they needed each other most.

Maria sighed again, "Why?" "He is too tired. He needs a rest." Without raising her eyes, Becky said, "And I need to adjust my mood." "He has been blaming himself for not protecting me well, and Mrs. Ji came to me and pushed me because of him. I don't want to see him like this, and I don't want to see him accept my anger." "It's good for both of us to be apart for a while." "That's good." Maria said after thinking for a while.

So far, it was better.

The car had been driven far away. Darrow stood still and didn't move at all.

Carla turned to look at him and said softly, "Give her some time. She will be fine." She had said the same words to Darrow a few years ago.

But she said at that time, "Give her some time and patience. She will understand you." It was the second day that he had confirmed his relationship with Becky. She asked him to give Becky more time until Becky really came to him.

And this time, she asked him to give Becky more time, in order to wait for Becky to come back to him.

When Becky recovered, she would come back.

She wouldn't leave for too long.

"Okay." Replied Darrow lightly. Then he turned around and walked away alone. His back looked somewhat lonely.

Standing behind him, Carla frowned with concern.

James held her shoulder and patted it gently to comfort her, "Don't worry too much." "Carla, don't worry too much. I'll go back to B City the day after tomorrow and stay there for a while. I'll take good care of Becky." Clara said to her.

It happened to be the day after tomorrow that she would take turns to take a leave. So she asked for a week's leave by the way. She could go back to accompany Becky after handing over the work at hand in these two days.

"Okay." Carla replied and said, "Thank you, Clara. If anything happens to Becky, please call us."

Clara nodded, "Don't worry, sister. I know." "W

a rough idea.

Darrow picked out the black clothes neatly folded inside and changed into a soft and loose Beige sweater.

He was not good at tidying up the clothes. He had never helped Becky when she was tidying up.

Because he had said that he was not willing to help her pack her luggage.

This time, it was an exception.

He thought, 'Just this time, I won't do it again.'.

After changing all the clothes she didn't like, Darrow got up and went to the bedroom outside. He took her favorite perfume and lipstick from her dressing table and put them in the suitcase.

After confirming that there was nothing missing, he closed his suitcase and put it aside. Then he sat back on the sofa where he used to sit and watch Becky packing. He took out his phone from his coat pocket.

It was already midnight, zero thirty.

The wallpaper on the screen was still Becky's photo, with a sweet smile and bright eyes.

His fingers across the screen gently touched her face. His eyelids were slightly lowered, lonely and fragile.

After Becky left, she hadn't called him for a whole day. He listened to her words "be quiet" and didn't call her.

They seemed to have fallen into a strange circle. They had a tacit understanding that neither of them took the initiative to look for each other.

"Little Becky, are you asleep?" He murmured to himself.

"I'm not with you. Don't have nightmares, or no one will coax you if you're afraid." ... Becky couldn't fall asleep.

As soon as she closed her eyes, all she could think of was the way Darrow looked at her before she left this morning. His eyes were full of suppressed emotions, which made her heart ache so much that she could hardly breathe.

She thought that she would never forget the way Darrow looked at her.

It was already winter, and the cold night wind was constantly roaring outside. Even through the glass window, clear whistling sounds could be heard.

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