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   Chapter 226 That's Good

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After a pause, Myron continued, "Oh, by the way, Becky's high school classmate and Clara's alumnus, a surgeon named Su... Do you remember him?" "Yes, I do. Then what?" Asked Jean.

"He stays outside every day. Have you met him?" "I've run into him several times since I came here. I've heard that he has asked Clara several times and asked Clara to bring him up." "But Clara didn't agree." "I know he has always been interested in Becky. Several months ago, on Becky's birthday, there was a rumor about him and Becky." Seeing that Darrow was not in a good mood these days, Myron deliberately adjusted it to make him relax, so he joked.

"I've met him once." Said Darrow in a brief tone.

He had only seen Sam once. When he came back from the old house, that man was outside. That man wanted to come in and see Becky, but he refused.

He had been staying in the hospital for the past few days, keeping an eye on Becky, so he didn't see Sam.

"I heard from Clara that he had a crush on Becky all the time. Even he was admitted to the medical university because Becky told him that she was going to enter the Medical University." "Last time in the M Village, I saw him look at Becky in an unusual way. I didn't expect him to like her for so many years."

"It doesn't matter." Darrow didn't take it seriously at all. "If he can succeed, Becky won't be with me now." "Besides, Becky told him that she wanted to go to the Medical University, but they didn't go to the same university in the end. It means that they are not destined to be together." As soon as his words faded away, Myron couldn't help but think of what Darrow had said many years ago, "You can't take her away either.".

Obviously he said in an indifferent tone, but with one hundred thousand percent certainty.

So Myron smiled and said, "Everyone knows that Becky is only destined to be with you." A poor little girl ran away from home, and a brother and a sister who are so indifferent that they are almost out of line with the world's human feelings.

A moment of tenderness and pity. Who could say that it was not fate? So Darrow also smiled, showing his first smile in so many days.

Even though he had many emotions in his heart, he really smiled.

Becky's heart ached.

... The night in the hospital had always been quiet.

In the evening, even if there were people talking and walking, the whole floor would be empty and desolate.

Sitting on the bed, Becky leaned against a soft pillow and stared blankly at the pale wall opposite.

After taking a shower, Darrow walked out of the bathroom and sat beside her. He habitually held her in his arms and asked softly, "What are you thinking about?" Although he knew that Becky would not answer him, he was still

Listen to your parents and take good care of yourself." He said, "I'll wait for you at home."

"I'm sorry, baby." Becky just shook her head and cried so hard that she couldn't say anything.

The next day, Becky went back to B City with her parents.

Darrow, Carla, Clara, Myron, James, Wendy and a group of bodyguards who had protected her for more than a week sent her away.

Darrow had been silent since this morning. At this moment, he just silently carried Becky to the car of Peter and stood aside with a cold face.

Sitting in the car, Becky lowered her eyes and thought, 'Darrow was still unhappy.'.

He blamed her for choosing to leave him at this time.

But she had no choice.

She didn't have the heart to see him frown every day, to see him gaunt and tired for her, and to see his eyes full of guilt and heartache.

She felt like she was making trouble out of nothing every day, doing whatever she wanted with his compromise.

She didn't like this feeling.

She needed time to adjust.

And he also needed time to have a good rest.

"Miss Ye, please take good care of yourself.

Don't cry anymore. If you cry too much, you will get sick. " Wendy was both reluctant and worried, "Please listen to Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye. Mr. Ji and Wendy are waiting for you at home."

Becky nodded and looked at Darrow.

He was looking at her, but he didn't say a word.

There were many unknown emotions in his deep black eyes, but they were suppressed by him.

"Becky, take good care of yourself. Don't worry about anything. I'm here with you. Good girl." Carla said, rubbing Becky's hair.

"Okay, thank you, sister." Becky said in a hoarse voice.

"I'll be back in two days." Clara said with a smile.

Becky forced a smile.

Darrow didn't say a word until the two cars left one after another.

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