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   Chapter 224 The Obstacle In Her Heart

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"You forced yourself to this point." Without turning his head back, Darrow said in a calm tone, "The identity of mother has never been a protective umbrella for you to do whatever you want." "You made me lose the baby that I didn't even have time to know. You made my baby, whom I didn't even want to say a harsh word to, lie in the hospital and collapse.

I haven't done anything more serious to you yet." "If I let you go this time, how can I face the emotional breakdown of Becky, how can I face the innocent child, and how can I explain to the angry Ye family?"

Emma's legs were so weak that she fell to the ground.

"Mrs. Ji!" Claire screamed and wanted to help her up, but she was stopped by Emma's hand. She had to stand aside at a loss, and then looked at Carla who was silent from beginning to end.

Darrow had already walked out of the door, and the black figure was determined and unrelenting.

When he finished the last sentence, he ignored Emma behind him.

No matter how she reacted, he was not moved at all, let alone let him soften his heart to take back his decision.

After Darrow left, Carla also stood up from the sofa.

Emma seemed to have grasped a life-saving straw. She sat on the ground and looked up at her. The expectation in her eyes was particularly obvious. "Carla..." "I won't interfere in Darrow's decision." Before she could finish her words, Carla interrupted her. Her voice was as cold as Darrow's.

Even if the woman on the ground who was dressed in luxury clothes and looked embarrassed was her biological mother.

It was not because she was too cruel. It was just that for her and Darrow, in twenty-four years, Emma really didn't deserve to be a mother.

Emma had never fulfilled her duty as a mother. Instead, she had brought more disaster and trouble to them.

And Carla was a heartless person. She really couldn't sympathize with such a mother.

Besides, she was still blaming Emma for hurting Becky.

"I've told you not to hurt Becky. Darrow won't let go of anyone who hurt her." She continued, "It's your own fault that forced yourself to this point." "A person who has never fulfilled her duty as a mother, but wants to use her identity as an umbrella for her whole life, thinking that no matter what happens, she will be pardoned.

Don't you think it's too naive? "

Then Carla turned around and was about to leave.

"Just stay here from now on. Darrow has been very kind to you.

Be quiet from now on and don't try to do anything. " "After all, what you did yesterday can't vent his hatred even if he cuts you into pieces." "Just taking back your assets is the blessing of your identity." It never occurred to Emma that she could get everything except for Barry after decades of plotting.

But in the end, she all lost everything for her children.

In fact, Darrow and Carla were right. She didn't deserve to be a mother. She never

do that?" "Even if she didn't know that Becky is pregnant, she shouldn't push Becky.

Even if Becky isn't pregnant, she will get hurt, okay? " "Did Mr. Ji and Miss Carla break up with Mrs. Ji because of this?" "Mr. Ji must be very angry with Mrs. Ji for what she has done to Becky? He loves Becky so much, but his mother hurt her the most. He must be very sad. " "I hope that Becky and Mr. Ji can get along well." "Is Becky in a bad condition now? She liked children so much, but she lost her own children, and even in the future... "Even her fans could not bear to say more." Is she sad? " After a pause, Carla continued, "Becky is really in a bad mood now.

But we will be with her. She will gradually recover. " "But aren't the rich and powerful families all value the descendants? If Becky can't have her own child in the future, will Mr. Ji abandon her one day? " Someone asked.

"Of course not." Carla answered firmly, "For us, nothing is more important than Becky's safety." "In Darrow's heart, Becky is always the first one. Don't worry." ...In the afternoon, Carla came to the hospital with a carton.

"These are the comments from your fans. They asked me to bring them to you." She put the carton on the bedside table and said, "They are all worried about you. They even asked me to tell you that you must recover as soon as possible." Becky turned to look at the carton next to her, and Carla took one from it and handed it to Becky.

"Thank you, sister." Becky took it and opened it.

In the afternoon, the fans didn't write it until they saw Carla at the XY Entertainment Company. After writing it on the spot, they left the comments and let Carla take these comments to the hospital.

Time was limited, and the content was not long, nor was it specially embellished. It was nothing more than something that made her strong, let her not be sad, and quickly recover, and 'Little Leaf' would always be with her simple words.

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