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   Chapter 223 Hit The Nail On The Head

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She heard the word "news".

The news that could change Carla's face must be about her.

She raised her hand, and picked up Darrow's phone on the bedside table and opened the micro-blog.

As expected, the title of her miscarriage was at the top of the hot search list.

She clenched her fists and loosened them before she clicked in.

"The feud between the rich: Becky was hurt by Mrs. Ji and had a miscarriage, and Becky is unable to conceive again." The four words "unable to conceive again" easily caught her eyes.

Her hand trembled, and the black phone fell off from her hand. With a dull "bang", it fell on the bed.

She looked up and happened to meet Darrow's eyes who had just taken a shower and came out of the bathroom.

Her mouth moved, but her throat was dry. She couldn't speak for a moment.

"What's wrong?" Darrow quickly walked over and sat down beside her. He asked nervously, "Are you feeling uncomfortable? Where does it hurt? I'll call the doctor right away. " Then he was about to press the emergency bell at the bedside.

Carla, who was still on the phone with Cathy, immediately turned around and asked, "What's wrong?" Becky stopped him and took a deep breath before asking, "Is what the news said true?" "What news?" Asked Darrow. Then he noticed phone beside.

He glanced at Becky and picked up his phone.

The screen was still on, and the whole screen was full of news about Becky.

She had just searched it, but he had just seen the news.

His face changed.

Looking at the expression on Darrow's face, Becky closed her eyes in despair, and gradually exerted strength to her hand on his arm.

Darrow hugged her tightly.

Carla stood in front of the window with tears in her eyes.

As soon as Peter and Helen entered the ward, they saw this scene.

His heart ached. He called out his daughter's name, "Becky." Hearing her father's voice, Becky immediately left Darrow's arms and cried with her tearful eyes, "Dad." Just like when she was a child and needed to tell her father about her grievance, in Darrow's' arms suddenly became empty.

Peter's heart clenched. He walked quickly to Becky and held her in his arms, coaxing her as he did when she was a child, "Don't cry. Dad is here. Don't be afraid. Becky is not afraid." Becky broke down.

"Dad... Dad..." she cried out in his arms.

"Don't cry. It's okay. Dad is here." Looking at his empty hand, Darrow subconsciously clenched his fist.

After a while, he said, "Uncle, aunt, I'm going out. Please take care of Becky. I'll be back soon." "Go ahead. It's okay." Helen wiped her tears and said, "We are here. Don't worry about it." Darrow nodded and said to Becky, "Baby, I'll go out for a while and come back soon." After saying that, he reached out to wipe the tears on her side face and said, "Wait for me." then he picked up


Darrow's words hit the nail on the head.

She never talked about it to anyone. Even Claire, who stayed with her every day, didn't know the reason why she tried so hard to separate Darrow and Becky.

It was true that she regarded Becky and Darrow as the repetition of Barry and Tina. That was why she strongly opposed their relationship and tried her best to separate them.

She had been upset because she hadn't succeeded in breaking up Barry and Tina.

Knowing that they had passed away one after another, her unwillingness and resentment were suppressed in the bottom of her heart.

But she didn't expect that there would be a woman named Becky Ye. Darrow's attitude towards Becky Ye made her feel like she saw the shadow of Barry and Tina.

So the demon buried in her heart began to shout again and devour her.

That was why she came to meet Ivy and then to confront with Becky. When she heard that they were going to get married, she couldn't sit still anymore.

She had to stop Becky from entering the Ji family and marrying Darrow.

She couldn't let them get what they wanted.

"I've told you before that I'm not my father, and Becky is not Tina." Darrow continued, "I told you not to interfere in my thing. Otherwise, I have plenty of ways to make you lose everything." "I'm not just saying it." After saying that, he stood up and habitually smoothed the wrinkles on his suit. Finally, he took a look at Emma, whose face was gloomy, and there was no emotion in his eyes. "I will leave this house to you, but from now on, I hope that you will not appear in front of me again. Think about yourself." Mrs. Ji came back to her senses and saw him leaving. She immediately loosened her hand on the arm of the rocking chair and stood up.

"Are you going to force your biological mother to this extent for the sake of Becky?" She asked behind Darrow in a trembling voice.

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