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   Chapter 222 Unable To Get Pregnant Again

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"I wanted to hug that child, but I couldn't, and he didn't let me hug him either. He just waved at me all the time, as if he was saying goodbye to me. He disappeared as soon as I approached him." Becky's voice was very light, hoarse, and a little trembling imperceptibly.

Her tears fell into Darrow's hands. Although her tears was cold, they seemed to have burned his heart.

He knew that he couldn't hide it anymore.

"Honey, don't cry." He held her tightly and kissed her on the forehead, but his eyes were also red.

Her question was confirmed by that sentence.

In fact, she didn't really have such a dream.

She made up the story just to get some information. It was their daily expectation.

But she didn't expect that her child was really gone.

Becky sobbed in pain.

'My baby.

I don't deserve to be a mother. I didn't know his arrival and didn't protect him well.

Maybe that was why my baby left me.'

"Honey, we didn't mean to hide it from you." Darrow said, "You are not in good health. We are afraid that you can't bear it, so we didn't tell you." His voice was also very light, but it was enough for Becky to hear clearly in the quiet ward.

She could even feel his slightly choked voice.

She knew that she was not the only one who was suffering.

Even Darrow had suffered much more than her.

But she said nothing.

"Becky, I just want you to be fine." Then Darrow added, "No one else is so important. You're more important than baby and others. Clara said you should have a good rest. Don't cry and don't be too sad, okay?" He raised his hand and gently wiped the tears on her face.

But she shed more and more tears, he couldn't wipe them away.

At that moment, Darrow felt as if his heart had been gouged out of a piece of meat, and felt a sharp pain.

But there was nothing he could do.

He knew she was in pain, but he couldn't comfort her. There was no way to ease her pain.

"I'm sorry, honey." He closed his eyes to hide the sadness and guilt. "It's my fault. I didn't protect you well, and our baby." Hearing this, Becky was even more desperate.

After a long time, she gently shook her head and finally opened her mouth. "Darrow, I want to sleep." She choked with sobs, but when she said this, her tone made Darrow inexplicably feel flustered.

But she was in a bad mood, so he had to agree with her.

"Okay, go to sleep." He kissed her hair again, but hugged her more tightly.

He was afraid that he would lose her once he let go of her.

In fact, Becky didn't fall asleep.

She just didn't know how to face Darrow.

Although she knew it was not his fault and he was also in pain, she still subconsciously chose to escape.

His guilt, his pain, and his heartache. She was afraid that she would collapse if she took one more look at him.

She was supposed to rely on him the most at this time, but because of Emma, she chose to push him away.

It was Emma who hu

by Carla.

After all, what Carla said made sense. He had to take good care of himself so that he could take good care of Becky.

Becky didn't sleep for a long time. But after she woke up, she just lay in bed quietly.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Carla touched Becky's face and said sadly, "Becky, I'm sorry." Becky exhaled softly, "Carla, it's none of your business. You don't have to apologize to me." After crying all night, Becky's voice became hoarser.

"Listen to me. Take good care of yourself, okay?" Carla persuaded her in a soft voice, "Don't think too much for the time being. Your health is the most important. We are all worried about you." "I know." Becky said, "Don't worry." She just needed some time to get used to it.

"Don't cry. Clara said that crying too much is not good for your eyes, and bad mood is not good for your recovery." Carla added.

Becky just nodded.

Carla forced a smile and touched Becky's long hair lovingly. When she was about to say something, her phone suddenly rang and interrupted her.

"I'm answering the phone." She said to Becky with her phone, stood up and walked to the window, deliberately keeping a short distance from the bed.

"Oh, no, Carla, I don't know where the media got the news that Becky had a miscarriage and she couldn't get pregnant in the future." As soon as the phone was connected, Cathy shouted anxiously.

Carla's face suddenly turned cold.

"Now people on the Internet are guessing that Mrs. Ji pushed Becky down because Becky was pregnant. And they are also guessing whether Becky can marry into Ji family after she can't give birth to a baby.

The fans are also anxious. There are more and more people downstairs. " "Find a way to suppress the news right now." Carla said decisively and deliberately lowered her voice, "I'll be right back." On the bed behind Carla, although Becky didn't hear what Cathy had said, she clearly saw the sudden change of expression on Carla's face.

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