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   Chapter 221 What Are You Hiding From Me

Ecstasy Of The Heart By Xin Ning Characters: 9489

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After walking for a short distance, Clara looked up at the brightly lit buildings in front of her and took a deep breath.

The weather was very cold, and the breath turned into a visible white mist, lingering in front of her for a few seconds before disappearing.

"Myron, how long do you think we can hide this from Becky?" She suddenly asked with uncertainty in her tone.

"I don't know." Myron answered honestly, "Becky has always been sensitive. Today, in fact, she has already sensed that we are hiding something from her." 'Becky is smart and sensitive.

Everyone's reaction today was so unusual, how could she not notice it?

She just hasn't asked yet.'

"I'm afraid that she will break down if she knows it." Clara said worriedly, "Becky has lived a happy life so far. Her family used to take care of her and protect her at home, and then she was carefully protected by Darrow and Carla.

The abandonment of Nicole, the quarrel between Elsa, the scold of Uncle Ye, and the slap in her face that had haunted her for so many years, could be said to be the only obstacle she had experienced before.

But just like that, she couldn't help running away from home. This time, I'm afraid..." "Don't be afraid." Myron put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his arms. "Becky is actually stronger than we thought. She will be fine with so many of us accompanying her and Darrow accompanying her." "I hope so." Clara said with a deep sigh.

Myron patted her on the shoulder, "Well, don't worry too much." "Okay." Clara pressed her lips and forced a smile.

It was already ten o'clock when they left the hospital. So it was late now.

At this time, Caroline, who paid attention to beauty sleep, had already gone to bed.

But today, as soon as they entered the house, Myron and Clara saw Caroline rushing out of the living room.

The two of them were shocked. Myron asked, "Mom, why haven't you slept yet?" "I can't fall asleep." Caroline said, "How is Becky? Is it serious? Has she woken up? Where did she get hurt?" Cameron sat on the sofa in the living room and looked at them, waiting for their answer.

In fact, Cameron and Caroline had planned to go to the hospital. Myron told them that there were many media downstairs, and there were too many people in the hospital, so they didn't go there, and they didn't know what was going on with Becky.

Clara and Myron looked at each other and briefly told them about Becky.

Hearing this, Caroline was worried and angry.

Of course, she felt sorry for Becky, and her anger was directed at Emma, the chief culprit.

She really treated Becky as her daughter. She also felt bad about the accident.

"Emma is such an old witch. Even if she is not happy, she still has to force her son to go the same way. Does she deserve to be a mother

ed a lot, but why didn't I see any trauma after I woke up?" As soon as she finished speaking, she was stunned for a while, and a bad idea flashed through her mind.

"I..." She was about to ask, but was interrupted by Darrow. "Alright, go to sleep." Becky's face turned paler. "What did you hide from me, Darrow?" 'I just fell, but there was a pool of blood. Why did I have an operation?' Darrow kept silent for a long time, and so did Becky.

However, she looked more flustered.

Darrow didn't see it, but he could guess.

After a while, he said, "I didn't hide anything from you. Honey, don't think too much." "Then why should I have an operation?" She asked.

"Because you bumped into the tea table, which was too heavy." Darrow said.

Becky knew that he was not telling the truth.

But she also knew that if she continued to ask, he would not tell her either.

But the more she thought about it, the more certain her suspicions became.

"Becky, don't think too much." Darrow continued, "Take good care of yourself. Your health is the most important." Becky didn't answer.

After a while, she suddenly called his name again, "Darrow." "What?" "Today, in fact..." She paused and reorganized her words. Then she continued, "I dreamed of a child in our house." As soon as she finished her words, she felt that Darrow's hands holding her froze.

At this moment, Becky knew that her guess was right.

This was exactly what Darrow and others had been hiding from her.

She had a miscarriage.

Today, she lost her child, and she didn't even know his existence.

She closed her eyes sadly and tears fell down at once.

But she continued, "It's in that room where we just picked out the design drawing yesterday. The cat's head was also replaced with a rabbit's head." It was exactly the same as she had imagined.

But they didn't have this room at home.

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