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   Chapter 219 An Unexpected Result

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"What happened to Becky? You promised me that you would take good care of her. I just came back home for one day. Why did she go to the hospital? " On the other side of the phone, Peter was so angry that he didn't treat Darrow as gently as before.

"How much does your mother hate Becky? Is she going to kill Becky? " "If the news hadn't come out, would you still hide it from me?" "I'm sorry, uncle. It's all my fault." Facing Peter's fury, Darrow didn't say anything to refute him.

He had nothing to retort.

It was true that he didn't take good care of Becky and protect her.

He had promised that he wouldn't let her get hurt, but now she was lying in the operating room and lost their child.

He felt both remorseful and guilty.

Even if Peter didn't scold him, he couldn't overcome the obstacle in his heart.

Becky knew that it was not Darrow's fault, but he couldn't calm himself down, so he vented his anger on Darrow.

But Darrow didn't defend herself at all. No matter how angry he was, Darrow didn't refute him. Darrow even took the responsibility.

Seeing this, Peter softened his attitude.

Forget it. He felt worse than anyone else when his daughter was in trouble.

And it was not the right time to blame anyone.

"Forget it." He took a deep breath and said, "Let's not talk about this. Tell me, how is my daughter now? Is it serious?" His tone softened.

"The operation has been going on for three hours. She hasn't come out yet and there is no news." Said Darrow.

On the other end of the phone, Peter was obviously stunned. "She hasn't come out in three hours? What did your mother do to Becky? If she just fell down, how could it take three hours to go on an operation? " Peter raised his voice again.

Darrow closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he said, "Becky hit the edge of the tea table and had a miscarriage." "Bang!" he heard that Peter knocked down something and it hit the ground with a sharp and crisp sound.

After a while, he heard Peter's voice again. "Becky's cousin and uncle are on their way back. We will arrive at T City soon." "Okay." Replied Darrow.

He was not surprised by the arrival of the Ye family.

After all, they cherished Becky so much. The Ye family was the most anxious one besides them when something happened to Becky.

It was impossible for them not to show up.

"I'll settle accounts with you after I see Becky." Peter added.

He was still very angry.

After hanging up the phone, the operating room returned to silence.

The driver and the maid had gone back, but there were still many people in the corridor.

In addition to Darrow and Carla, Wendy, James and Myron, as well as the bodyguards who were urgently dispatched to guard the whole floor.

The outside world was in an uproar, and the media were trying their best to sneak in upstairs to get the news. They ha

and white stripes. It was a very ordinary gown, and her pale face was almost comparable to the color of the bed sheet under her body.

He didn't see her blood all over her body when she was just sent in, but he still felt very sorry for her.

It was like someone with a sharp knife had stabbed countless holes in his heart.

Darrow held her hands in his palms. and bent over to kiss her. His red eyes were full of pity and guilt.

Seeing this, Carla turned her face away with red eyes and couldn't bear to look at it anymore.

James held her in his arms and comforted her silently.

Clara also closed her eyes, and leaned against the chest of Myron and sighed slightly.

Becky was transferred to the general ward.

Darrow stood by her bed and held her hands tightly in his palms.

It looked like he would lose her if he didn't hold her tightly.

And his angular handsome face was clearly full of guilt and pain.

Carla, Clara, Myron and James didn't leave either.

They all sat quietly in the ward, waiting for Becky to wake up.

There was silence in the ward.

No one paid attention to what the media outside had said and how much it had spread.

Carla even turned off her phone to block all the sounds from the outside world.

Outside the hospital, no one knew how Becky was.

Even Rebecca, Sunny, Ella and others could do nothing but stamp their feet in anxiety.

Because the people who knew the truth couldn't get in touch, and the people who could get in touch were the same as them. They could only stamp their feet anxiously.

Claire was so anxious that she walked back and forth in the old house of the Ji family. There were heavy worries on her old face.

As usual, Emma was reclining on the reclining chair in the side hall, looking very leisurely and cozy. It seemed that what happened to Becky had nothing to do with her, as if she hadn't caused Becky to be like this.

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