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   Chapter 218 As Long As She Is Fine

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Especially when he heard the last sentence, his face was even colder.

He didn't know how serious Becky's injury was.

Tess just said that she fell down and bled a lot. He didn't dare to guess how serious she was.

He was anxious, but the reporters stopped him like an iron wall.

He didn't bring any bodyguard with him, so it was difficult for him to move.

He frowned.

"Get out of my way!" He said coldly, his tone full of impatience.

He was in a hurry to see Becky and confirm her condition. He was not in the mood to deal with these people here.

It was the first time that the people present had seen him in such a bad mood. They were stunned at his words, but he said again, "I said get out of the way!" He said in a more serious tone.

He was so powerful and angry that everyone was frightened by him. Subconsciously, they made way for him and allowed him to enter the hospital unimpeded. They didn't even dare to ask again.

But his attitude made them more certain that Becky's injury today was not just an accident.

Besides, if it was an accident, no one would specially inform them.

They wondered what was behind this "accident".

Outside the operating room, Wendy, the driver Noah, and the maid Carrie who came with them were all sitting on the chairs in the corridor, and everyone's expression was very serious.

They were more or less stained with Becky's blood, which was dazzling.

His heart sank again.

"Where did Becky get hurt? How is she now? " He asked Wendy beside him. There was no concealment of nervousness and worry in his tone, but his expression was as cold as ice.

"She just came in." Wendy said, "Miss Yang is also in." "Miss Ye bumped into the coffee table in the living room. She passed out in pain before we went out." Darrow looked up at the bright red light on the door.

Two days ago, he stayed here with Becky for more than half a night, in order to care Elsa who protected her from being hurt.

However, two days later, she was the one lying inside.

Looking up at him, Wendy wanted to say something but swallowed it back.

She didn't dare to tell him that Becky might have a miscarriage.

When she saw the blood flowing out of Becky's body, she thought of this, so she said "Oh, no".

She knew very well how much Becky and Darrow hoped for their own child to be born.

Especially Becky.

When she accompanied Becky to cut the flower branches in the garden that day, Becky told her that Darrow had a bad relationship with Mr. Ji and Mrs. Ji, and he had been sent abroad since he was a child. He was cold and indifferent, and before he met Becky, he didn't even have the concept of "family".

So Becky had been working hard all these years to give him a real family, with him and her.

Becky did, but she felt it was not enough.

She felt that she had to have a child of their own.

Their c

ad a miscarriage." After saying that, Wendy turned to look at Darrow again.

He looked terrible. His usual sharp and deep black eyes were fixed on the closed door of the operating room, which was full of worry and pity.

Carla was stunned for a while and then looked at him in astonishment. "Becky is pregnant?" "We don't know." He finally opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice, "Less than a month."

Carla turned to look at the closed door of the operating room, and her eyes suddenly turned red.

After a while, she finally found her voice and asked, "How is Becky? " "She has a hemorrhage. Clara is in the operating room with her." Said Darrow.

"Don't be too sad. You and Becky are still young. You will have a baby in the future." Carla held him in her arms, and patted him and comforted him softly, "The most important thing is that Becky is fine." "I know." Darrow didn't get rid of her. He just rubbed between his eyebrows and said in a low voice, "I just want her to be fine." Carla sipped her lips and the sadness in her eyes was not hidden at all.

Her brother, who had always been arrogant and calm, had never been like this. It seemed that he could do nothing but feel sorry, worry and accept useless waiting.

Becky had been in the operating room for three hours.

There was a dead silence outside the operating room, but the outside world had already been noisy.

The media didn't know where they learned that Becky's injury was related to Emma. For a time, the micro-blog hot search, as well as the headlines of various major sections, were all shocked by this news, and Becky and Emma were pushed to the top of the tornado.

Even Darrow and Carla had been criticized by netizens and Becky's fans.

Even the ordinary passers-by were sighing at the drama of the resentment between the rich and powerful clans.

Peter Ji, who was in B City far away, called Darrow as soon as he saw the news.

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