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   Chapter 216 When Can You Let Go Of Darrow

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But now, Darrow was even more domineering, booking all her lives.

"Darling..." Becky heard her own voice, trembling with affection and love.

She held his head and panted slightly. Her bright face was pink and seductive at the moment.

"Happy new year." She said softly, "And, I love you. I love you so much." All of a sudden, Darrow lowered his head and kissed her lips. The lust and excitement in his eyes were nowhere to hide.

Darrow's phone vibrated in the pocket of his suit jacket. He took it out and found it was a call from home.

"Sorry, I have to answer the phone first." He said to Aaron.

Aaron nodded and made a gesture of welcome.

Darrow nodded slightly, stood up and walked a few steps before answering the phone.

It was a call from Tess when she went to the kitchen. As soon as Darrow answered the phone, she said, "Mr. Darrow, Mrs. Ji is here again." Darrow frowned, "How long has she been here? Where is she now?" "She has been here for a while. Now she's talking to Miss Ye in the living room.

I called you secretly while I was making tea in the kitchen. I don't know what they are talking about. Wendy is with Miss Ye." Tess said in detail.

"I see. I'll be right back." Darrow said at once, with a cold expression on his face.

...In the living room.

Hearing what Emma said, Becky's face didn't change at all. She just said lightly, "Darrow and I are together because we love each other. We are not entangled with each other. Maybe in Mrs. Ji's eyes, family background is very important." She continued, "I know you don't like me and have a prejudice against me.

But no matter what you say or what you offer, I won't leave Darrow. And you should know that Darrow won't let me leave him. I think last night, Darrow had made it clear to you on the phone." She was more confident than Emma who came to make trouble for her. She didn't feel embarrassed and flustered when her boyfriend's parents came to her and forced her to leave. She didn't fear or shrink back.

When Tess came out of the kitchen with a teapot, Wendy glanced at her.

Seeing that Tess nodded calmly, Wendy was a little relieved.

Whether she was superstitious or making a fuss, Wendy always felt that the uneasiness in her heart was very strong.

She was worried that something bad would happen today.

Emma's face darkened.

Of course she knew it clearly, or she wouldn't have come here today.

Darrow's words, "she is never an outsider, and you are the outsider who is related to my sister and me by blood", echoed in her ears for the whole night. Now, when she sat in front of Becky who was calm, Darrow's words sounded even harsher.

It was true that she didn't care about her relationship with Darrow and Carla at all.

After all, although she gave birth to Darrow and Ca

s your children but now you want to interfere in their lives?" Becky's voice became colder and colder, almost the same as Darrow's. "Do you think that you gave them life, so they must be abandoned by you when you are unhappy, and when you think of them, they have to come back to please you and listen to you?

Even if you have given them a life, you have never given them any love, nor have you fulfilled your responsibility as a mother." Becky said rudely.

In fact, she had kept these words in her heart for a long time.

She felt sorry for Darrow and Carla. She felt sorry for them because they had never enjoyed the warmth of family.

She hated Emma. Since Emma gave birth to them, Emma didn't give Darrow and Carla the love and family they deserved.

If it weren't for the environment they grew up in, Darrow and Carla wouldn't be so indifferent now.

Therefore, over the years, Becky had been trying very hard to create a very warm family, in order to make up for Darrow and Carla's lack of these years.

Becky's words hit the nail on the head. Emma's face grew darker and her voice became sharper. "Are you preaching at me? What right do you have to lecture me? !" "I'm not interested in lecturing you." Becky said, "I just feel sorry for Darrow and Carla. I feel sorry for them. They were born in such a family and have a mother like you." "What do you know? What right do you have to say these words here?" Emma was so angry that she raised her hand and was about to slap Becky in the face. Claire, Wendy who just came back with thermal pots, and Tess all changed their faces.

Unexpectedly, Becky also raised her hand and easily grabbed Emma's wrist.

She looked at Emma's face, "Don't try to slap me when you're angry.

Last time, it was my carelessness that made you misunderstand me and think I was a pushover. " Emma tried to struggle but failed.

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