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   Chapter 215 Happy New Year

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Aaron continued, "And the number 'nine' in H Country always means 'a long time', so I choose to cut the diamond into nine parts and wish you two a long and happy marriage." "Thank you, Mr. Aaron. I'm very satisfied." Darrow closed the ring box, "I believe my girlfriend will like it very much when she sees it." "It's my honor." Aaron smiled, "Mr. Ji, I wish you and Miss Ye a long and happy marriage." Aaron's Chinese was stiff, but his words were very sincere.

Darrow smiled, "Thank you."

The end of the year came again, and after midnight, there was a new year.

The whole T City was immersed in the lively atmosphere of bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year. The streets were crowded, and the concerts of major satellite television stations were also in full swing. The atmosphere all over the world was noisy and lively.

Even the villa of Ji family, which had always been quiet, became lively that night.

On the lawn in front of the villa, the fire in the oven was burning fiercely. The roast meat made the sound of oil cracking on the iron plate, and the air was filled with a strong fragrance.

Clara sat in front of the oven, wearing a new white apron, and skillfully flipped through the food on the grill.

At the same time, Myron was helping her, regardless of his expensive clothes would be splashed by the oil or stink of smoke.

Sitting on the cane chair next to them, Carla, James and Darrow looked at their tacit cooperation leisurely, showing no intention of helping.

Besides, Carla, James and Darrow couldn't help.

They were all sons and daughters from rich families and knew nothing about cooking.

Perhaps in order to welcoming the New Year, the temperature in T City rose again today. Even at night, the wind was not as strong as before.

Wendy took out the freshly baked dessert cake and freshly squeezed juice from the villa. She walked over with a smile and put them on the table. Then she turned around and called out to Becky and Lauren, who were playing happily aside, "Madam, Lauren, come and have some dessert." "Okay." Becky turned around with a smile and answered Wendy. Then she turned to look at her daughter who also smiled. She asked, "Lauren, let's have a rest first and have some dessert, okay?" "Okay." Lauren agreed obediently. Her voice was clear and tender.

Becky reached out her hand. "Come on, hold my hand." Lauren obediently put her hand in Becky's.

Becky smiled and led Lauren back to sit next to Darrow.

Darrow naturally picked up Lauren and let her sit on his lap. Becky picked up a small piece of cake and carefully divided it into small pieces and fed it to Lauren.

From any angle, they were a family of three in happiness.

Carla looked at them for a while and smiled. She was relieved and happy.

The bell in the distance rang, and a heavy sound came from nowhere, indicating

ut his hands on her side. He looked down at her, "Thank you, honey." "Not at all." Becky wrapped her arms around his neck and said sweetly, "I feel very happy." Darrow's eyes were full of tenderness and affection. He bent over and kissed the corner of her mouth. Then he asked in a low and hoarse voice, "Do you have any wishes this year?" Every year he would ask her if she had any wishes for the new year.

"Yes." Becky pressed her lips against his and said in a low and vague voice, but he could hear her clearly.

"My wish for the new year is to be together with you and our Lauren. Our family of three will always be so happy." She hugged Darrow tightly and looked straight into his deep and affectionate eyes. Then she continued, "Besides, Mr. Ji should always love me so much." "I will only accept the deeper love instead of the weaker love." She raised the last sentence with a playful tone.

Her bright and beauty fell into Darrow's eyes and his heart.

"This wish is allowed." Darrow said, "Lauren and I will always be with you. Mr. Ji will always love Mrs. Ji so much. And I will only love you more."

His voice was getting lower and lower, but every word came into her ears and fell heavily into her heart, bouncing on her soft heart.

He pressed his lips against hers, tossed and kissed her, and gradually went deeper and deeper. He held her hands more tightly, as if he was going to be one with her.

"Honey." He whispered in her ear, "I love you. You are the only one in this life, and even in every life." Becky's heart skipped a beat.

Darrow had said the same words to her many years ago.

"I love you, honey. You are the only one in this life." The voice beside her ear overlapped with that in her memory.

He said this the first time they had sex.

Becky remembered it clearly.

She remembered everything related to Darrow, especially every word he said and every promise he made to her.

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