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   Chapter 211 Mrs. Ji's Obsession

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As soon as Becky woke up, she met with Darrow's deep black eyes.

He had already woken up, but seeing that she was sleeping soundly, he didn't have the heart to wake her up, so he had been holding her in his arms and watching her for nearly twenty minutes.

He didn't feel bored.

"Good morning, baby." He kissed her forehead and said in a gentle voice.

Becky smiled and put her arms around his neck, "Good morning, Mr. Ji." On the weekend, there was nothing important to do and she didn't have to get up in a hurry.

After they had sex for a while, Darrow pulled Becky out of bed and took her to the bathroom.

In Becky's opinion, there was no problem about her foot anymore.

"Darrow, my foot has recovered." She said vaguely with bubbles in her mouth.

Darrow glanced at her and replied casually, "Yes." "What does' Yes' mean?" Becky was not satisfied with his answer, so she bit her toothbrush and kicked him.

Of course, she didn't want to use too much strength, and even a light kick was not destructive.

Darrow was calm. Instead, he grabbed her foot and said slightly, "It could recover faster if you don't move." "Okay." Becky withdrew her foot obediently.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she leaned herself on Darrow's body voluntarily and let him hold her out.

"Mr. Ji, am I too heavy?" She whispered in his ear.

"No." Darrow easily carried her to the dressing table and put her on the chair. "It's as light as before." "How is that possible?" Becky touched her face and obviously didn't believe it. "I have eaten so many tonics in the past two months. I feel that my face is much rounder than before." "No." The word was still uttered by Darrow.

"Good girl." He touched her head and coaxed her. Then he stood in front of the dressing mirror to change his clothes.

Through the mirror, he saw that she was still touching her face and still holding a grudge against her face. He thought for a while and buttoned his shirt and tried to distract her attention. "Little Becky, let's change the bedroom next to the master bedroom into a children's room, shall we?" "Okay." Becky agreed and picked up the smoothing toner on the table.

"I'll ask someone to send the design drawing to you tomorrow." Said Darrow.

"Okay, ask them to send more design drawings. I want to pick them myself." Said Becky.

"Okay." After putting on his tie, Darrow turned around and looked at her with tenderness in his eyes.

She was still applying skin care products, just basic skin care, without makeup, but the girl's face in the mirror was still as outstanding as usual.

There was no tiredness or paleness, no panic or fear, and her pink face was as beautiful as jade.

This was what she should have.

Thought Darrow.

After visiting Elsa, Peter Ye and Helen Chen went back to B City that afternoon.

They came here in a hurry just because they were worried about Becky. They were relieved to see that their daughter was fine

in reply, "For example, don't fall in love before twenty-five years old?" "How do you know?" Becky asked in astonishment.

None of the rules set by Peter seemed to be useful to him.

He still remembered last night when Peter told him that Becky wasn't allowed to fall in love before the age of twenty-five, Peter obviously felt unwilling.

But he couldn't stop it, and it was too late.

"It seems that you two have talked a lot last night." Becky pouted and said.

Her father even told this to Darrow.

Darrow's eyes flashed and said, "Yes, he told me a lot." After a pause, he lowered his head and whispered in Becky's ear, "Little Becky, I'm glad that you can have such awareness." "What?" Becky didn't know what he meant.

Darrow smiled and said, "The consciousness of ' not reserved'." "......" Becky was speechless.

"I'm sure I just said it subconsciously." She emphasized.

"But I like your subconsciousness ." Said Darrow.

He liked to hear her say "our home".

They were talking about their home.

Becky turned to look at him and smiled, "I like it, too." It was because she liked him that she spoke so smoothly.

"Mrs. Ji, Miss Becky Ye hasn't worked these days because of her injured foot." In the old house of the Ji family, a man in a suit was reporting his work to Mrs. Ji, who was sitting on the rocking chair elegantly. "Mr. Darrow almost stayed with her all the time. Her parents also came to T City last night, but they left this afternoon." "Before leaving, they went to the hospital together to see Becky Ye's assistant." "Okay, I see." Mrs. Ji rubbed between her eyebrows and asked, "Apart from that, have you found anything else?" "No. Mr. Darrow is well guarded. We can't do anything about it." The man said.

It was not easy to investigate Darrow.

Mrs. Ji didn't embarrass him. She waved her hand and said, "Okay, I see. You can go back first. If you find anything, tell me." What was the point of knowing these insignificant things.

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