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   Chapter 210 Is It Too Early For You To Worry About That

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... Hearing this, Peter was shocked.

He only knew that Darrow loved his daughter deeply, but he didn't know that Becky was still so important to Darrow.

Darrow took a sip of tea and continued, "I know Becky is the apple of uncle and aunt's eye. Please don't worry. I love Becky and I will always love her.

Before my life is over, I will try my best to love her, and protect her from grievance and harm. I can't say that I love her any more than uncle and aunt do, but I will put her in the first place in my life." That was a promise he made to Peter, sincerely and seriously.

After a pause, Darrow continued, "So, uncle, I'm sorry to take your precious daughter away from you." Peter was stunned. Then he heard Darrow continue, "I plan to propose to Becky on the day of eighteen next month, and the wedding will be arranged before the Spring Festival.

I'm already preparing for the wedding. The customized wedding dress will be finished by the end of next month. But before that, I still need your permission. I hope you can agree to let me take care of your daughter. I will love and protect her as you and aunt do." Peter was silent for a few minutes.

And there was almost no sound in the study for a few minutes.

Darrow took another sip of tea, still looking indifferent.

In fact, he was not afraid that Peter would refuse.

Peter had never objected to Darrow and Becky's relationship. He was even relieved to let Darrow take care of Becky.

But at this time, Darrow put himself in a position and thought that if he and Becky's daughter were to get married in the future, he would probably thought about it even longer.

After all, he couldn't bear to part with his daughter in the future.

Then he lowered his head and smiled.

After a long time, Peter finally let out a deep breath, "In fact, I've already thought of this day and was mentally prepared. When Becky came back home that day, she talked about you with her grandmother with a smile on her face.

I knew it wouldn't be long. "

"Thank you, uncle." Darrow said.

Peter sighed again, "I can rest assured to let you take care of Becky.

We can see that Becky is very happy with you. " He patted on Darrow's shoulder and said solemnly, "Darrow, be good to my daughter. Don't bully her, don't hurt her, and don't make her sad. Otherwise, even if our family is not as powerful as yours, we will try our best to seek justice for Becky." Jean also calmed down and promised seriously, "please don't worry."

Peter patted him on the shoulder again.

But this time Peter said nothing.

Darrow knew what Peter meant. It was a father's request to his son-in-law. He wanted Darrow to treat his precious daughter well.

Even if he had one hundred percent trust in Darrow, at this time, Peter couldn't help but ask for more.

"Time flies!" Peter withdrew his hand and sighed at the passage of time. He couldn't help but feel a little sad. "I still remember that when Becky was a child, she always wante

before was only a track of her growth.

And he would never miss the rest of her life.

Darrow thought that he might really be a little greedy, so he still felt unsatisfied.

He lowered his head and kissed her forehead. Then he moved his arm and held her more tightly.

"What else did dad say?" Becky lay obediently in Darrow's arms and asked softly.

"He told me that twenty-two years ago, when you were just born, you were so small and soft. How did you grow up so fast?" Darrow said, "He didn't want you to leave him, and he said I took his precious daughter away." Becky smiled, "Mom said the same thing just now." "Becky." Darrow suddenly called her name.

"What? What's wrong? " Becky replied.

Darrow stroked her long hair, "Uncle just told me something about you. You learned how to walk when you were one year old, and accidentally fell down, which made them feel very sorry for you. When you went to the kindergarten, he was worried about you and peeked at you at the door for a week. Then he was proud when you got the first place at the first grade. Since you were a child, he has been worried that those boys would take you away. He even told me that the first time you learned to cook and the first time you learn to call him dad. At that time, I thought that when our daughter grew up and was going to get married, I might be more reluctant than uncle."

Becky was stunned and didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "Mr. Ji, is it too early for you to worry about that?" They didn't have a daughter yet.

No, they didn't have a child yet.

"Not early." Darrow put his hand on her belly, lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Since Bryce and Dylan had lived at home for a few days, Darrow and Becky had decided to have a child of their own.

Since then, Becky had been paying attention to recuperating her body. After the fashion week, they didn't take any measures deliberately when they had sex with each other.

Maybe the baby would come soon.

The next day.

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